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About the study

The Easterbrook name and common variants.

Variant names

The variant spellings Eastabrook, Eastbrook and Esterbrook were common prior to the mid-19th century, often with the same family. Variants with a terminating e are also common, but often these are added by transcriptions when a stylised k was read as ke. In the UK the Easterbrook spelling is the most common and the variants fairly rare. In the New World the variants are more common.

Name origin

The Easterbrook surname seems to have originated in Devon in the area north of Dartmoor. Records show the name spreading from Dartmoor so that in the 19th century there were significant numbers in Devon and Cornwall, South Wales, Somerset, London, Yorkshire and Cumberland as well as emmigration to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa.

The generally accepted meaning is 'The family living East of the Brook'.

Historical occurrences of the name