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About the study

The Duart One-Name Study began in 2008 officially, but research began long ago with my interest in proving John Duart, who immigrated to Canada from Northern Ireland, was from the Maclean's of Duart clan. I've been successful in tracing him back to County Down, Ireland, but have found little else. The name was registered with One-Name Study in 2009. The study continues and has found additional Duart families in Michigan, California, New York, Pennsylvania in the United States.  Anyone interested in helping with this study or website should contact me.  I'm a novice at websites and would like to put my Duart research on this website to assist others and take the Duarts back further than my John.

Variant names

The registered variants of the Duart name are Dewart, Doward, Duard, and Dhu-Ard. However when you search on Duart, other variants appear such as De Ward, De Weerd, de Weerd, De Weert, de Weert, Deweere, Dewere, Dewert, Dorward, Duar, Duarr, Duarte, Dueart, Dueerde, Duerd, Duere, Duewer, Dueyer, and Dwart. If you feel these are part of Duart feel free to submit that information.

Historical occurrences of the name

*Duart Castle - c. 12th century to present, located on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, ancestral home of the Maclean's of Duart. Presently, home of Sr. Lachlan Maclean, Bt., Twenty-eight Chieftan of the Clan Maclean.  In 2012 the clan met to celebrate 100 years since the castle was rebuilt.

*John Wesley Duart, soldier of the USA Civil War.

Name frequency

The Duart's of Scotland and Ireland are not frequently found. If you find Duarts, they are frequently Duarte of Spain and Portugal. This may also be where the Duart's originated, but I have found nothing to state this or prove the origins beyond John Duart in N. Ireland in 1812.

Distribution of the name

The Duart name or variants have been found in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Chile, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, N. Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and USA.


Information in my database include: John Duart, b. 1784 in Hillsborough, County Down, Northern Ireland immigrated to Canada, married to Jane Hicks and their family and descendants. Additional Scot-Irish Duarts living in the United States and elsewhere: Robert Dewart from Hillsborough, County Down, Northern Ireland. Sarah Duart born abt 1808 in Ireland who married James Greer, lived in Cavan, Ontario Canada.
John Duart is found in New York City where he registered for the War of 1812, that was required of British citizens in the United States at the time.
It is said that the immigrant, John Duart worked as a stone mason and helped build the main tunnel used by the New York City Water-works (I have not been able to confirm this); he lost his health while engaged in working on that tunnel, and died in 1823, in his fortieth year.  His son, D.H. (David Henry) was a native of York, Canada West (now Toronto, Ontario) moved to Towanda, Pennsylvania in 1837.