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About the study

I am attempting to gather every mention of the surname Draper wherever I can find it. Each entry is indexed with its source and all researchers who have contacted me about the surname have been indexed along with their particular interest in the name. Marriages from The Marriage Challenges are added as they are available. I have Draper details from medieval times to present day. All queries will be answered. Even though Draper is a relatively common surname I have managed to match up researchers on a number of accasions.

Variant names

Primarily I index only the name DRAPER but I have included Drapier, Dreaper and Drapper if I believed there was a definite connection.

Name origin

Draper is an occupational surname and as such its origin is easy to understand. The name derives from the Old French Drapier, seller of cloth (drap). The Anglo-Norman version is Draper. There have been no less than fifteen different coats of arms granted to Draper Families.

History of the name

The first recorded use of the surname I have so far is Hugo Drapier found in the Pipe Rolls of Hampshire in 1148. There are many Irish Drapers and the name is perpetuated in the County Derry place name Draperstown. There was a Robert le Drapier in Lincolnshire in 1181, Auwred le Draper in Cambridgeshire in 1273, Johannes Drapour noted in the 1379 Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire and last, but not least, Sir Christopher Draper was Lord Mayor of London in 1567. Drapers can be found in the grandest of mansions and labouring as ag labs on the humblest of farms.

Name frequency

In 2002 Draper ranked as the 571st most common surname in England, Wales and The Isle of Mann. There were 12,884 people with that name at the time in these areas.


A large proportion of the Drapers I have collected are from Australia, The United Kingdom and The Americas. Births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials feature prominantly alongside migration records, war records and many miscellaneous records. To date I have indexed in excess of 15,000 entries and have many more to add. There is also a reference index and a list of contributors with their particular interests.