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About the study

Research into the Dowbiggin name began in the late 1980s, with the most earnest efforts taking place since the late 1990s. The name is based mainly in northern England, though some notable branches appeared in London in the past. A reunion in Lancaster, England in July of 2003 brought descendants from across Britain as well as Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Variant names

The most common three variants, which have survived as distinct branches to the present day, are Dowbekin and Dowbakin -- mainly in Lancashire -- and Doubikin, which is mainly found in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Other spellings found in various records include: Dabkin, Dalbikin, Daubigan, Daubiggin, Daubigin, Daubikin, Dawbigen, Dawbiggan, Dawbiggin, Dawbigin, Dawbikine, Dewbiggin, Dobacan, Dobbakin, Dobbakins, Dobbigin, Dobbikin, Dobbikine, Dobbinkin, Dobbykin, Dobbykyn, Dobekin, Dobiggen, Dobiggin, Dobikin, Dobikine, Dobykine, Doubekin, Doubigan, Doubiggin, Doubigin, Doubinghin, Dowbacakan, Dowbaken, Dowbeggin, Dowbegin, Dowbekerkin, Dowberkin, Dowbickin, Dowbiggan, Dowbiggen, Dowbiggens, Dowbiggin, Dowbigging, Dowbigin, Dowbiken, Dowbikin, Dowbygin, Dowbykyn, Dowfbyging, Dowkin, and Dubiggin.

Name origin

The name DOWBIGGIN has its origins in a place just to the east of Sedbergh, England. It used to be in the West Riding of Yorkshire, but when county boundaries were changed in 1974, the Sedbergh area became part of the new county of Cumbria.

Apparently, there is some confusion as to the meaning of the name. Kevin Lancaster, who lives at Dowbiggin outside Sedbergh, told me that despite oral history that claims the name means 'gathering of buildings (Biggin) near the dovecote (Dow),' the name really means 'gathering of buildings near the cave.' Apparently Dowker may have been the first part of the place name originally.