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Don Carlos


About the study

Welcome to those researching the “Don Carlos/Carloss” surnames. The objective of this project is to shed light on some of the questions that have stumped DonCarlos family genealogists over the years. It is hoped that by capturing the yDNA of the “DonCarlos” variant surname families and building a Y-DNA database, we can discover commonalities in the genetic makeup, find common ancestral lines, perhaps give us a hint of a direction to look in for unanswered questions. By combining traditional and genetic genealogy our goal is to discover our lineages as far as possible toward a common ancestor; shed light on whether there is a familiar link between the different family branches; establish how many generations ago male ancestors shared a common ancestor; and investigate if there is any genetic basis for the tradition of Spanish origins.

One of the benefits of this project is the opportunity to link with living relatives and share information. You will receive their names and email addresses. Your name and email will likewise be shared with genetic relatives but it will be up to you to explore or not these relations and to respond or not to enquiries.

To participate meaningfully, participants will need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known “Carloss/DonCarlos” in the form of a pedigree chart.

The project's webpage on Family Tree DNA's (the genealogical DNA laboratory hosting our project, is here:

Variant names

DonCarlos, Doncarlos, Carlos, Carloss

Name origin

Family Tradition says that these people came from Spain around 1710 as political exiles, moving first to Cuba (perhaps via the Caribbean) and then into the Virginia Colony. One of the primary goals of this study is to use DNA to confirm or deny this proposition.


There is a Don Carlos DNA Project at Family Tree DNA