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About the study


My only brother, Raymond, died suddenly in August 2000.  He was a member of the Guild and after his death, as executor, I brought home his Dockree research collected over  many years (this being our mother's maiden name), comprising handwritten papers and trees, copy certificates, census returns and Wills.  I spoke to a Guild member at the time and she encouraged me to take over his One Name study, which I did in 2000 or 2001.  So I inherited a large part of my data. 

Variant names

I have no variants and have concentrated on the name with the spelling Dockree, although I have found a few instances of obvious mis-spellings in records. 

Name origin

Raymond believed the name came from Cumberland  (now Cumbria).  Other Dockrees I have been in touch with believe the name to come originally from France, this information handed down over the generations.  It is still a mystery.  My oldest ancestor lived in St Albans, Herts, and many still live in the area. 

Historical occurrences of the name

Mark Edwin Dockree, 1834-1904  Landscape artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy in London between 1880 and1900

John Dockree 1798-1862  Pedal Harp Maker from Shoreditch

Arnold Dockree 1864-1956   invented a special holder for mailbags before WW1 which was supplied widely around the world to Africa and the colonies


Name frequency

Dockree is an unusual name.  Most  people I have found in UK.  For example there were only 110 Dockrees on the 1910 Census.  I have one large family tree, with the one pro-genitor, of around 500 names, the head of this tree having been born in the early 1700s.  In addition I have another 100-150 Dockrees unconnected to the tree.



Distribution of the name

Mainly in the UK, but a few both connected to the tree and unconnected, in USA, New Zealand and S Africa. 


I have divided my one large family tree into 6 sub trees headed by William Dockree (1764), son of the head of the main tree, plus 5 nephews, John Dockree (1796), Thomas Dockree (1805), James Dockree 1808) Shadrack Dockree (1810) and William Dockree (1811).

This information is back up by almost 200 copy certificates, 86 copy Wills and printouts of all UK Census Returns.  In addition, records of my living contacts over the years and exhaustive lists of all Dockree known to me. 

My data is on computer and paper and I use Family Tree Maker.