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About the study

The DINMORE one-name study was registered in 2009. Family trees are being derived from the data which has been collected. Further data is added as it becomes available.

Variant names

No variants are, as yet, being studied, although it is probable that as the study progresses it will be necessary to consider including one or more variants (see Origin of the surname). Mis-spellings of the name abound, but these are not true variants.

Name origin

The origin of the name is thought to be locational. It appears that Dinmore may be a derivative of Dunmore, suggesting that its origins are either Celtic or English. The Celtic origin of Dunmore means "dweller at the great hill-fort"€ (Gaelic and Irish dun, a hill-fort, and mor, great). The English origin means dweller at either a hill moor (Old English dun, a hill, and mor), or at a brown moor (Old English dun/dunn, and mor).

Name frequency

The frequency of the name Dinmore in 1881 is given as just 72 people (3 per million of UK population) ( In 1998 the frequency was 181 (5 per million). An ONS database ( gives a count of 234 individuals in the UK in 2002.

Distribution of the name

Although the majority of people with the name Dinmore reside in the UK, there are also some in New Zealand, and a very small proportion in the USA, Spain and France ( Within England in 1881, the area with the highest density of people with the name Dinmore was South East London.


Dinmore entries from the index of the General Register Office for England and Wales from 1837 have been recorded, together with all UK census occurrences. Other data include the 1880 USA census, and a varied and growing collection from The National Archives, Kew.