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About the study

Research into the Dimmick family started in the 1950s but then using the latest technology and more centralised records was continued again in earnest from around 1998. There was at least one separate research project carried out around 2000 into a variant of the name that hopefully in time will be linked in. Apart from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight we know of other variant branches in Somerset, Lincolnshire, London and of course North America, Australia and New Zealand. The aim is to build a world wide Dimmick and variant family tree backed by DNA data where possible. So we welcome anyone who has any of the below variants in their family tree to join the mailing list and share their information.

Variant names

Earliest forms of Dimmick are almost always spelt with a 'Y' as in Dymmock, Dymock, Dymoke. Towards the 1500s a Dymott variant appears first as an alias and then with its own branch. With migration during the 1600s and possibly during the Civil War the variant of Demick and latterly Dimmick came into being. Although these are the main variants, any number of others occur with combinations of y or i, single m or double m, o or i and k or ck with or without an e on the end. Another branch has the ck replaced by a double t. So the combinations are extensive.

Name origin

We believe that the original name could have been Dymock , possibly from the village of Dymock in Gloucestershire. There were Dymmocks living there around 1550 but none since then. Although there seems to be a migration over the years from that area no one at present can be certain that we originated there.

Historical occurrences of the name

One of the earliest occurrences of the name was in 1265 of Dame Maud Dymmok who held land near Chichester in Sussex. About 30 years later Robert, father of Elias Dymmok appears in Braemore, north of Fordingbridge in Hampshire, and not far from Salisbury Wiltshire. A Thomas Dymoke became mayor of Southampton 3 times between 1491 and 1502. Of course there were also the Dymokes of Scrivelsby, the Kings Champion, dating back to Edward III.

In 1635 another Dymoke set sail for America and turned out to be the progenitor of many of the Dimmick families today in the States.

Name frequency

In the 1881 UK census there were 289 occurrences of the name which are about 11 instances per million. By 1998 there were 489, an increase to 13 per million inhabitants. 98.6% of these were of English origin. Frequency data has not yet been gathered from the USA, New Zealand or Australia.

Distribution of the name



The object of the study is to capture all occurrences of the Dimmick name and variants so that the origins can be established. At present a direct male line in the UK back to 1654 has been recorded with tentative links to 1554 and back to around 1480. So now data needs to be collected from the USA, Australia and New Zealand.


The DNA project for the Dimmick surname and its variants can be found on FamilyTreeDNA. We are hoping to link to other groupings around the world and welcome any males of any of the names in the project who would be interested in contributing and sharing data.