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About the study

The Dillman Family Association roots began in 2001 and took a more concrete shape in 2002. Our aim is to document all Dillman (and variant) families in North America as well as our cousins in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Our Association has collected records from the United States, Canada, Panama, Germany, France, England and Russia and are held by our Librarian. Originally, our aim was to determine how all the Dillman families in America were related. However, our DNA study has shown that there are 11-12 genetically distinct family lines in North America which trace back to many areas in Europe, predominantly, German speaking countries. As a result, our Association has broadened its interest to collecting records in all the countries where all the Dillman families originate.

More information about the Dillman Family Association can be found at:

Variant names

The registered variants of the Dillman name include: Dillmann, Dielmann, Dihlmann, Diehlmann. However, we also collect information on Stillman (ancestral name was Dillmann, but mispelled by the British Army), Tillmann (became Dillman in many parts of America), Tighlmann, Dillman-Dagga, etc.

Name origin

There are many potential sources for the surname, Dillman:

  1. taken from the Dill River in Germany; Dillmann - inhabitant of the Dill River area;
  2. person who sold the herb, dill, hence a Dillmann;
  3. person who worked with deals (diehl in German), hence, Diehlmann;


Our DNA project began as a result of our 2002 Mega Reunion and the results to date can be found at the below link: