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About the study

The Dewing One-Name Study was registered in 2016. I started my research back in the 1960's. This was back with pen and paper and slow mail, taking months to access information. Now with the internet things are much faster and more info is available online.


Name origin

The Dewing name traces to the English area of Norfolk, but word has it as being Huguenot in origin. One of the earliest magazines I looked at referenced the name as Huguenot, but I am unable at present to confirm this again.

Name frequency

In the 1841 England Census there are 276 Dewing listed.

The 1851 England Census has 287 listed.

The 1861 England Census has 311 listed.

The 1871 England Census has 370 listed.

The 1881 England Census has 352 listed.

The 1891 England Census has 452 listed.

The 1901 England Census has 521 listed.

The 1911 England Census has 589 listed.

Distribution of the name has the distribution of the Dewing name in 1891 in England and Wales as Norfolk 104 - 205 Families, Yorkshire as 35 - 103 Families with others as 1 - 34 Families.