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About the study

The study of the name DENNINGTON and its variants through history has only just started and I am in the process of collecting as many records as possible.

In the meantime feel free to contact me at if you wish to discuss any ancestors who might bear the DENNINGTON surname.


Variant names

Common Variants


Older documents may use "Y" to replace "I" so it is not uncommon to find it listed under


Also, I have uncovered documents where it the name is listed as DONINGTON and DONNINGTON which are not true variants but deviants of the name.

Name origin


This is an English locational surname from the village of Dennington in the county of Suffolk. The village is first recorded in the famous Domesday Book of England, ordered by the Norman King William 1st in 1086. The spelling then was given as Dingifetuna and also Dingiuetuna, place names being a serious problem to the usually French trained clerics who wrote the original manuscripts. The word "denn" was generally used to describe a pasture or meadow but as the second element in a name, and it may be that in this case the prefix referred to a Dane or Danes, to give the meaning of the place (tun) of the Danish tribe (Denn-ing-).  [Source: British Surname Database]



Historical occurrences of the name

1881 Census Surname Distribution