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About the study

The Cufley and Cuffley surname is a location name based on the village in Hertfordshire, England. The place name is spelt Cuffley and this is the dominant variation in the surname. Historically members of the 'family' have been recorded under both spellings. There are also local variations created by the cleric i.e. in Enfield, Middlesex in the 18th century the surname could also be spelt COUFLEY or COUFFLEY.

Variant names

Couffley, Coufley, Cufeley, Cuffele, Cuffeley, Cufflee., Cuffley, Cuffleye, Cuffly, Cufflye, Cuflee, Cufley, Cufly, Cuflye,

Name origin

Most people think that there is only one place in the UK called Cuffley and that is in Hertfordshire, but research has shown three other locations that have used variations of the name. In Hampshire there was a place Kufele (transcribed as Cuflee or Cufley) in the description of the boundary to land at Abbotts Ann; which is south west of Andover. It is a grant to the '€˜New Monastery'€™ by King Edward the Elder in the year 902 (Edwards, p338-339). Also in Hampshire there are Wills for members of the Marshall family (HRO) that refer to them being of Cufaud otherwise Cuffle, Basing. Basing is east of Basingstoke and Cufaud is north of Basingstoke near Sherfield Loddon. The OS map of 1817 refers to Cuffaud or Cuffell House and Cuffell East.

In Northumberland there were three fields shown on the Duke of Northumberland'€™s estate map of 1624 called '€˜Cufleys meadow'€™, '€˜Cufley'€™ and 'East Cufleyes'€™. These are part of Bilton and Lesbury lands (Beckensall p27 & 30). There are no families; that we have found; that come out of Northumberland although some southern family members have travelled that far north.

Distribution of the name

There are approximately 326 members of the family in the UK with a 'best guess' estimate of 1500 members world wide. We are at present trying to make contact with all CUFLEY/CUFFLEY family groups to provide a more accurate population count.


A Newsletter is issued annually as a pdf file to any member of the 'family' that requests a copy. It includes reports on the current research and tells of members of the family that appear through history. The Newsletters in 2013 because of the research done was issued twice Number 31 and 32. Sudden influx of information has meant a further Newsletter No 33 was issued in January 2014.

Family Group Sheets (FGS) for each family that has been researched are available as a pdf files and can be obtained by sending your details requesting the appropriate FGS.


We have a YDNA project underway through 'Family Tree DNA'.The Y-DNA has shown 5 of the 6 tested members have a J1 haplogroup which is typical of Anglo Saxons who migrated in Southern England. All these members have Hertfordshire and Middlesex ancestry. We thought they were of two different lines but the Y-DNA results have provided a riddle in that there appears to be a common ancestor.

The other result has an R1 haplogroup that is dominant on the south coast and it is this family line that has the broken link in Ipswich.

If you are interested and wish to join our Y-DNA project please contact us and we will provide the details of how to join our group.