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About the study

I started the one name study on the surname Crockford back in 2000, but I have been researching this name for about 30 years. Crockford was my mum's maiden name and when I started researching this name I found it a lot easier to collect all occurrences of the name rather than just the one's I wanted because there were so few of them and I thought it better to have them all rather than keep going back looking at the same records. I built up such a vast amount of records over those years that I was able to become a member of the guild of one name studies in 2000 and started helping people with their family trees. I can normally help anyone with information on the name Crockford as long as they have roots back here in England.

Variant names

There seems to be very few variants of the surname Crockford and the ones I have found to date are Crocford, Crochford, Crockforde, and Crookford. I do also have a few Croxford's in one or two of the trees that I have in my files but I believe Croxford is in the main a surname in its own right.

Name origin

As far as I can tell the origin of this name is English and probably comes from two words Crock (pottery) and Ford (shallow part of a river) probably meaning a Pottery by a Ford.

Historical occurrences of the name

There seem to be only a few Crockford's that have gone on to make a name for themselves so to speak. William Crockford 1775-1844 (fish monger) who went on to own and run the Crockford gambling club in London. He left over one million pounds in his will, but had a large family to spend it.
John Crockford 1825-1865 son of a Taunton schoolmaster, started out as an attorney's clerk in Taunton then moved to London and became a publisher. In about 1858 he and Edward William Cox went on to start up the Crockford Clerical Directory.

Distribution of the name

Most of the Crockford's in England seem to be confined to the south mainly Hampshire, Berkshire and London. There are small pockets of Crockford's dotted around England and different parts of the world, and as far as I can tell these seem to have their roots back here in the south of England.


In my files I hold all the indexes to the births, deaths and marriages from 1837 to 2014 for Crockford's along with all the census returns for the years 1841 to 1911. I also have a vast amount of parish records as well as all the Will indexes from 1858 to 2014.
I already have a few hundred family trees made up in my files some of which I have put together for people like yourself, but also quite a few that I have been able to make up using information from my files one of which MAY be yours. Go on send me an email, i don't bite.