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About the study

The collection and collation of the surname Croasdale and all its many variants, world-wide. I have had this study for many, many years and started my research as a teenager when my maternal grandmother (a Croasdell) got me interested.

Variant names

Variants can include:

Croasdell, Croysdale, Croisdale, Crossdale, Crosdale, Croasdaile, Crossdell, Crosdill, Croisdall, Crosdil, Crosedale, Crowsdale, Croysdill, Crossdil, Crosdall, Crousdale, Croasdoll, Croosdale.

Name origin

The earliest record of the name is c1100 in the west riding of Yorkshire. Legend has it that the original member of the family was deCroxdale and came over with William the Conqueror, but don't all families have the same legend? The name was only found in Yorkshire in the early records and then came to be found in both Lancashire and Yorkshire.

There are also several place names of Croasdale. eg Croasdale Fell and Croasdale Manor, both in Yorkshire

Historical occurrences of the name

Croasdales can be found in the records of William Penn as some of the famly came to the US on October 22, 1682 on board the 'Lamb'. This family included Thomas and Agnes along with their six children. From this family are descended some of the US Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt. There are no male line descendants of this couple. However, a cousin of Thomas, Ezra arrived later the next year on board the 'Shield of Stockton'. His Croasdale descendants are numerous throughout the US to the present day.

There are also a couple of actors in Britain with the surname Croasdale or a variant.

Name frequency

The surname is not one of the more common names in the United Kingdom, and seems to be mostly clustered in the Lancashire area.

Distribution of the name

The surname Croasdale seems to have originated in the Slaidburn area of Yorkshire where early wills have been found. The name then spread southwestward and a number of families can now be found throughout Lancashire, where it is now more abundant than any other county. Blackburn, Liverpool and the Furness area are the main centres for the name.


Although it grows on a yearly basis, the database that I maintain on this surname now numbers over 11,000 which includes Croasdales born with the name as well as those that have married male Croasdales.