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About the study

Creer from the Isle of Man - A One-name study of a Manx family.

Early Manx records (1511) show that a small group of Creer families were tenant farmers in the Baldwin valley, in the centre of the Isle of Man. Later records from the early 1600s show that Creer families were still occupying these same farms. Extensive genealogy research has identified some 70+ Creer family tree groupings extending from the 1600s to the present day - and including Creer settlers in Australia, the USA, Canada and the rest of the Unitend Kingdom. The One-name database now includes more than 20,000 family history records from all published sources.

Variant names

Until the early 1600s the family went under the name of McCrere, typical of most of the Manx Gaelic family names of the time in its use of the prefix "€œMac"€ (Gaelic: son of). By the end of the 17th century, again in common with most other Manx names, the prefix "€œMac"€ fell out of use and the name became known as Creer. Alternate spellings of Crere and Creere were also seen for a time.

Name origin

The name is believed to be either of locative or descriptive origin from the Manx gaelic.

Historical occurrences of the name

The complete history of the Creer family from the Isle of Man has been published in a book - 'A Family of Mannin' which can be purchased online from or via the Creer website

Name frequency

Today there are less than 1000 Creer namebearers worldwide, who can trace their origins back to the Isle of Man. Around the world there are pockets of families of Creers who have taken their names by other means, but who do not come from the Isle of Man.

Distribution of the name

There are still a number of Creer families remaining on the Isle of Man, but the majority now live either in England or the USA - with smaller groups in Australia and Canada.


The database (20,000+ records) contains Creers from all the published UK and US censuses, all Manx parish records from 1620-1883, all English (from 1837) and Manx (from 1883) birth, marriage and death index records, the IGI, plus data from a wide selection of Manx wills, land records, newspapers and other sources.


A very successful Y-DNA project was completed in 2009 and this demonstrated that all Creers from the Isle of Man are related and are descended from one common ancestor who probably lived between 1250 and 1400.

See the Creer YDNA project website for more information here