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About the study

Records are maintained of every known CRATES registration of a BMD or other sighting, and every effort is made to link their family relationships. Notification of new sightings is always appreciated. Contact is maintained with more than 100 researchers with family connections, though there is not yet a formal One-Name Society.

Variant names

CRATES and CREATES are known to be related, while Creats, Crets, Crats variants have all occurred in the past. Some American Crates families clearly derive from KRATZ, Krotz, Grette and Grat. Apart from one CRATE family in USA which developed some CRATES offshoots, generally no connection has been found with the more numerous CRATE persons, so the ending with 's' or 'z' sound is regarded as significant. The Ancestry indexes invariably misread as Crates and misallocate many persons who are clearly named COATES but who have no relationship with us.

Name origin

Although we maintain an interest in the many CRATES and hyphenated -crates of ancient Greece, and some other registrations occur before 1700, most British CRATES stem from Bristol inhabitants in the early 1700s who are likely to be one of the families recruited from Spanish Netherlands then to found the Bristol Brass Industry. One GRETT family arrived in Pennsylvania from the Rhineland in 1749 and later spawned CRATES offshoots, probably including one of the largest US family groups. Another large US group originated from emigration to Ohio from Wurtemburg in Germany in 1829.

Historical occurrences of the name

JAMES CRATES served in the Gloucester Militia and then as a regular in the 9th Foot (East Norfolk) Regiment and fought against Napoleon's army in the Helder campaign in 1799. CHRISTIAN KRATZ/CRATES served in Napoleon's army and survived the retreat from Moscow in 1812 before emigrating to America with his wife and three children in 1829.

Name frequency

The population of CRATES has remained fairly consistent throughout censuses and current records at around 300 in UK and 300 in USA. Almost all Crates in other countries can be related to UK or US families.

Distribution of the name

Most CRATES and CREATES remain in UK or USA, but descendants are scattered throughout the world, principally in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


All Crates/Creates BMDs and Census entries recorded since 1837 are indexed and cross referenced to individual family trees, as are many of the earlier parish records and later electoral rolls. Relationships are grouped so far into about ten UK and two US family trees and narrative histories are maintained for each group, including photographs whenever possible.


The CRATES DNA PROJECT is registered with in Houston, Texas and so far male representatives of five of the UK groups have tested with exact DNA matches.