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About the study

This is a one-name study of the CRABTREE surname and its variants (although most of those had disappeared by the early 1700s).

Variant names

Crabtre, Crabtrye, Crabbtree, Crabtrie

Name origin

CRABTREE is a place name that originated in Sowerbyshire in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It means 'dweller by the wild apple tree'. The first appearance of the surname in this form in a document occurred in the late 1300s.

Distribution of the name

Following its first appearance in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the late 1300s, the surname had spread to the eastern parts of Lancashire by the 1500s. By the 1800s, there were still three times as many Crabtrees in Yorkshire as in Lancashire, and three times as many in Lancashire as in the rest of England and Wales combined.


Extensive extractions have been made from parish registers, manorial and other documents, and civil records, from the 1500s to the present day.


My first steps towards a Crabtree DNA project have been taken in November 2007. The details of the project may be found at