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About the study

I started the study of my maiden name of Cowlard in the year 2000 and have accumulated quite a lot of data since then. I have had lots of help from David Cowlard and we often compare notes. Origionally a man called Roger Cowlard sent out a letter to male family members (one of my brothers and my Uncle having received one) and from this information he compiled a tree. Unfortunately I did not know of this until after I had registered the name. David and I have been working on this tree as well as our own and others ever since.

Variant names

I included the varient of Cowland as this was a common mispelling when I was a Cowlard. As I gather more information together I am beginning to believe that they are actually two different names, with the Cowlards mainly from the Surrey and Kent areas origionally and the Cowlands being from Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. There was also a Cowleard family for a while and David said that that was how his father pronounced the name with a Kentish accent.

Name origin

I have not found the name in any surname dictionaries.

Name frequency

Using the 1881 census as a guide there are between 169 and 195 Cowlards, depending on who's census data I used, and not accounting for mistranscriptions, and between 368 and 411 Cowlands. The names according to 'Surnames of England and Wales-the ONS list are ranked as Cowlard 11500th and Cowland 14066th.


At the moment I have Birth, Marriages and Deaths to 2003 and am compiling the more recents additions soon. With the addition of Census data I also have quite a few trees compiled and am always interested in any more information that puts flesh onto the bones of my research.


I have a Cowlard DNA project which is in its infancy but am very keen to add to it as soon as possible.