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About the study

A world-wide one name society for the surname of Cornish

Variant names

Cornysshe, Cornyshe, Cornysh, Cornishe, Cornisshe, Cornis

Name origin

People who left Cornwall were labelled 'Cornish' so one would expect to find more of us Cornishes out of Cornwall than still living there! Indeed we are widely spread! However, all of us must have ancestors who originated from that beautiful rugged county (or country?). No doubt those who bear the name and live in Cornwall must have ancestors who left the county, acquired the name, and subsequently returned, or were much travelled.


We hold information on over 100,000 people bearing the surname.


As part of the ongoing research into the Cornish family name, a DNA study is being carried out to help support (or disprove) the current paper genealogies and to help connect with others of the same surname world-wide.