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About the study

The Comerford one-name study looks at the names Comerford, Comberford, Quemerford, and their variants, including Commerford and Comerton.

The family names derive from two different placenames in England: Comberford, north of Tamworth and east of Lichfield in south-east Staffordshire; and Quemerford, on the edges of Calne in Wiltshire.

The two names became confused and conflated over the centuries, with a close relationship between the two families that became one of kinship.

The name Comerford is now primarily associated with the south-east of Ireland, and this study seeks to catalogue the different families with this name.

This study is a work in progress, and the pages on the blog/website associated with it are regularly updates.

For more information on these names and families, visit the Comerford family history website