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About the study

My Colloff One-name study is attempting to determine the source of the name. In this I have been helped by Kenneth Colloff of Rainham, Roy Colloff of Fordinbridge, Mildred Colloff of Dagenham, Lyn James of Birmingham and Matthew Colloff of Cook, Australia.

I keep in contact with them, and the other Colloffs that I have found, by my One-name Study Newsletter 'Colloff Cousins' which I publish twice a year, depositing copies for general reference in the Guild Library and at the British Library.

With the help of the Colloff cousins we have traced back to the end of the 18th century without establishing a link between three branches of; Joseph (my own), Thomas (Matthew's) and William Colloff (Roy and Kenneth).

Currently I am waiting for any other Colloff cousin to have their DNA tested to compare with my own results.

Variant names

Apart from the obvious mis-spelt variants, omitting double letters and changing the vowels (e.g. Cullif), two major variants and possible sources of the name have been found.

The first, found by Roy Colloff, is COLTLOVE, where a Colloff apparently changed his name from and to this.

The second, and my favourite, is KOHLHOFF. I have been helped with this by Miss Elizabeth Kohlhoff of Kelso, Australia, who traces her name back to Pomerania. There are several records of Kohlhoffs using our Colloff spelling, but a positive link has not been found