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About the study

My one-name study of CHUTER and variants began in 2005.

Variant names

My own interest has always been spelt CHUTER, but I can remember my Aunt saying they used to receive mail with all sorts of spellings. During my research I have found CHUTER,CHEWTER, CHEUTER, CHOWTER, CHOOTER, and lost CHUTERS as a number of vairants of CHUTTER and SHOOTER. I now keep my options open and 'rethink' my spelling skills, however my one name study has been kept within CHUTER and CHEWTER.

Name origin

My research suggests the most common variants of today are CHUTER and CHEWTER. CHUTERs would appear to be Surrey based, although there are interwoven CHEWTERs. CHEWTERs would appear to be West Sussex based, and also have interwoven CHUTERs. However my earliest finding is of a female CHUTER burial in Surrey. I have found CHUTERs in slave records of America, and in the USA Census.

Historical occurrences of the name

It could be argued the most famous CHUTER was the war time politician CHUTER-EDE, however he changed is name by deed poll to include his mothers maiden name, as he in fact was the sone of James Ede and Agnes CHUTER. Penny CHUTER is well known in the world of sport of rowing, and George CHUTER rugby player for Leicester Lions Rugby team. There are CHUTER connections in the industries of film making, literature and music.

Name frequency

I stumbled across 'one naming' through the antics of a friend, who introduced me to genealogy. In my niavity, I thought my own surname would be rare, as during my life was not aware of any, how wrong could I be! my maiden name had origins in the north of England and was on par with the whites, smiths and Jones of the land. Hence the decision to research my mothers maiden name instead.


my data consists mainly of birth, death, marriage records, and other assorted information collected along the way. I have used the 1881 census data as a basi and corilated information from other census to build up family groupings. I am happy to respond to enquiries or assist in individuals research where I am able. I consistently updating my data base from new sources of data and research, and often am able to assist past enquiries with information that can come to light.


Many One Namers have undertaken a DNA project, at present I have no plans to do so. However if anyone out there would like to do so, they can be assurred of my support, as well as access to expert advice and guidance.