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About the study

The Chesterman one-name study was informally started in 2001, but became 'official' with the Guild in 2008. I began when I started researching my own family history, and I found references to other Chesterman's. I thought, 'it's such an unusual name, we must be related'. From there I recorded any reference to the name that I could find.

Variant names

The variants I have registered are Chesterment and Chestermann.

Name origin

The exact origin of the surname Chesterman, is unclear. There are various theories including:

- a man from Chester (this theory is unsubstantiated as, I have not found any Chesterman's in Chester until the late 1800's. My group in Reading predates this somewhat (we have been traced back to 1596)

- a guard (as Chesterman is an old occupational name for a guard)

- a corruption from 'jester'


Chesterman birth, marriage and death GRO entries have been recorded from 1837 to 1940's