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About the study

Building on research into my immediate Cassie ancestors, I have, over the past 10 years, compiled a comprehensive list of nearly all Cassies (and Cassys) who are recorded in official records from 1550 to 2000. I have used Scottish and English parish records up to about 1850 then BMD registers and Census returns up to 2000. I have also recorded many Cassies in the USA, Canada,Australia and New Zealand, connecting them back to their Scots origins. My guess is that the file is about 90% complete.

Variant names

The Cassie surname is Scots in origin, and most records spell it this way. However one branch of family moved from Edinburgh to Berwickshire in 1712 and local ministers misspelt the name as Cassy. Many individuals , initially recorded as Cassy, have later records with the more normal Cassie spelling. There is no relationship with Casey which is of Irish origin nor with Cassey which derives from South West England

Name origin

The earliest records for Cassie are in Aberdeenshire, Scotland before 1600.  Individuals then spread South to Edinburgh and on to the Borders, primarily Berwickshire, and into England. During the 19th century many emigrated to Canada and New England. In 1890-1910 there was also emigration to Australia and New Zealand. The name is very rare. Up to 1900, I have identified only 1890 individuals. The name does not appear in any of the published books of Scottish ancestral names. We are a rare breed, which makes family history research a bit easier than most.
There are fewer than 2000 Cassies alive anywhere in the world today and only 20-30 new Cassies born each year.

Name frequency

I believe there were probably no more than 2000 Cassies ever alive between 1550 and 1900(ie over 400 years) A very rare name.

Distribution of the name

The name is still concentrated in Aberdeenshire with a few in Edinburgh, The Borders, Tyneside (moved here for shipbuilding) and in London. Some, but not many in USA, Ontario and Australia/ New Zealand