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Jon Carrow is transported to Virginia by Captain Samuel Matthews in 1643. In 1667 John Carrow is cited for not clearing his highways in Accomac VA, is Constable for the area called Gargathia from the Bay to the Sea and up to the Maryland line by 1670,has 4 titheables as John Carru in 1671. He serves on the Jury in 1675 when we last see him in Virginia. Thomas and Jacob Carew/Carron are in Carolina in Sept. 1663.A John Carron/Carrow is found in Currituck/Hyde Counties 1695-1739 John, Henry and Andrew are in Dorchester and Queen Anne MD by 1720 and John Carrow lives in Little Creek Hundred Delaware by 1750. Descendants of both of these families match in Y DNA

Variant names

Carriow, Carro, Carron, Carrowe, Carru, Kerow are surnames found when we first discover our ancestors in the early US colonies and the possible or probable places they sailed from. In that same time period we find Carrow,Carrowe and Carru in Bridgwater Somerset . George Carrow is transported to Barbados in 1686 for participating in the Monmouth Rebellion.This man seems to have had a son Henry on May10, 1685. A John Carru marries a Sydenham daughter in Bridgwater c. 1380s and the family is there until the 1685 period. At that same time we find many Carrows in Cambridge, Nofolk and Cornwall. We do not know where our Carrows came from, however.

Name frequency

58 Carrows in the 1881 UK Census and at the same time in US in 1880 there are more than 400


I have several online trees but most are private. The Tribal pages Tree is accessible to all. myainfolk.blogspot.com has a lot about what we know.




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