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About the study

The Carrott ONS started on 27/12/14. It’s not meant as a definitive study, But, every little bit helps…

Variant names

On 27/12/14 known Variants and Deviants were:

Carrott (1144), Carratt (552), Carrett (330), Carrot (294), Carritt (245), Carret (107), Carrat (92), Carette (28), Carrotte (25), Carritte (23), Carrit (23), Carrotts (19), Carrots (18), Carryett (13), Carreyett (12), Currutt (11), Carrect (8), Carrattes (3), Carrote (3), Carrette (2), Carratte (1), Carrate (1), Carrats (1), Caratt (1), Carett (1), Carote (1), Carot (1)

The Variants include Hurst Carrott’s and Bridgeland Carrott’s, for example, but not the Scottish Cowie Carrot´s, as their Carrot is a so-called tee-name.

The Carette’s are 16th/early 17th century Huguenots. The Carrotts´s are post-1869 Australian descendants of John Carrot & Mary Beahan. The Carrots’s are from 18th century Hagworthingham. The Currutt’s are post-1900 Ohio descendants of Fred Carrot & Ada Susan Ambrose. The Carryett/Carreyett’s are post-1854 Bristol descendants of Charles Carrott & Sarah Blackmore and Simon Carrott & Maria Ford. The Carrect’s are pre-1600 Kesteven Carret/Carrett’s.

Name origin

The oldest records are from the second half of the 16th century and confirm that Carrott’s were established mainly in Lincolnshire (Kesteven, Lincoln, Humberside) but also in Somerset and Kent/Sussex. There are also some records referring to Carrott’s from Ireland and the Isle of Man. Huguenot Carette’s from Tourcoing were in Canterbury, but disappeared after a couple of generations. It is not out of the question that other Carrott lines may also have French descendancy.

From the early 18th century, at least, various families emigrated, particularly to Canada, USA and Australia. Current records also include families in Scotland, Wales, France, Portugal, Spain, and New Zealand as well as individuals in Sweden, South Africa, Argentina and India. In England, the main movements seem to be to Tyneside, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, London and the other Parts of Lincolnshire (Lindsey and Holland).