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About the study

I began the Cantwell name study by collecting almost 5,000 names from the Find-A-Grave website. I extracted their list Alphabetically - by state . I keyboarded that information into an Excel spreadsheet. I hand wrote the available information to family group sheets for each grave listed. Whenever possible, I tried to tie families from one state to families who had moved to other states. For example, a couple of Tennessee family members moved to Oklahoma and Texas.

Now I'm ready to keyboard the accumulated information to a genealogy program. I began using RootsMagic 7 thinking I could keyboard the information there and RootsMagic would transfer the data to One-Name Study. Two months after submitting the first two family files I created on RootsMagic, they are still not available on the One-Name Study website. In fact, I cannot find one of the two family files on RootsMagic or on One-Name Study. I also discovered there is NO easy (direct) way to contact help from RootsMagic without jumping through hoops. That is to say, either I'm computer stupid (after 30 years of using computers) or their software is NOT user friendly.

I've been in a depressed mood for the past two months because of this setback. Therefore, I am going to try to keyboard the information on either the Family Historian software or Legacy software and see if I have any better luck.

One-Name Study was so helpful in directing me with what to do and how to do it. Even so, although my One-Name Study contacts were very clear on how it works and what to expect, I still feel disappointed that I cannot get the keyboarded family files transferred to One-Name Study.

It's Christmastime.  (I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle) and Hanukkah (the miracle of the cruse of oil known as Aggadah). Whatever the case, wish me luck.