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About the study

To find the origin of the name. I have been interested in my name since I was a teenager when all the Caddens in the Edinburgh telephone directory were related to me and then I realised that I had an unusual surname. It took many years before I did any research and have been gathering data now for the past 20+ years.

Variant names

Cadden, Caddan, Caddon, Caddin, Caden, Cadan, Cadon, Cadoun, Cadonne, Cadien. All of these seem to be the same pronunciation but with the vowels differing. The earliest name I have found that sounds like Cadden is possibly Kadene (1180-1200). I have not yet found any links to Caddenhead or Cowcaddens. Both of those are found in Scotland.

Name origin

The nearest I have come to a possible origin is Cadien (Norman French)? but have not yet found the name in any publication of Names.

Historical occurrences of the name

Among the interesting Caddens are a Mayor of Lincoln (1413-1414), ship owners in Suffolk, a murdress in Glasgow, links with both Oxford and Cambridge and various English counties and Cadden Castle, south of Stonehaven on the east coast of Scotland. These are all leads which I want to follow up.

Name frequency

Quite infrequent, they take some finding!

Distribution of the name

The majority seem to be found in Scotland/Ireland, the Scots Caddens travelled down the east coast of Scotland and across to the west coast, probably because of their occupations. The earliest Caddens seem to come from various counties in England. Other groups of Caddens are in USA, Canada and Australia and England.


I have considerable data which has been collected over the years and am hoping to eventually link some of the families together.


I am hoping to start a DNA collection.