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About the study

About the Study

The Bygrave(s) One Name Study has grown out of the original research into the Bygrave surname located in the villages around the village of Bygrave in Hertfordshire. In the early 1990's this research by Mrs Penelope Johnson (then her surname was Topham)  culminated in a 'Bygrave Gathering' Garden Party held in the grounds of the Farm House. The event was used ostensibly to raise funds for the re-roofing of the 12th Century "St Margaret of Antioch Church". Bygrave visitors from abroad turned up at this event.

Hundreds of Bygrave(s) names were gleaned from many sources. These are handwritten lists of names grouped only by the surrounding village names. Some family re-constructions have been started. 

In 2015 Mrs Johnson contacted the Hertfordshire Family History Society in the hope that the Bygrave information would be of use to some one with a Bygrave line. I have a maternal line of Bygraves from Old Warden which is blocked at this time. After visiting Mrs Johnson she entrusted to me all the information she had researched. This work is, unfortunately slowly, being checked and recorded in a software programme.

The study of this surname appears to be unique in that it is obvious at this stage that the name is based on a definite identifiable place-name.

A Facebook Group page has been initiated - "Bygrave - family and history".

Variant names

The singular and plural form of Bygrave is used interchangeably within the same family unit. Typical variants found include BYEGRAVE, BIGRAF AND BYGREAVE.