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About the study

The Burdett One-Name Study formerly commenced in 2012. I had looked into the source of the name several years ago, I had been told by my grandfather it was of Norman extraction and I had wanted to see if there were any facts to support this. As with many studies my renewed interest on the name has come from extensive research over recent years into my own Family Tree.

Variant names

The registered variants for the name are Burdet, Burdit(t), Bordet and Burdick.

Burdet appears to be the early spelling of the surname Burdett with Burdit(t) a variation of this possibly resulting from transcription of the name in Parish records in England from the early 1500'€™s, probably as a combination of literacy and dialect.

Name origin

In the book "€œThe Norman People -€“ and their existing descendants in the British Dominions and the United States of America "€œ first published in 1874 states for the surname Burdett -€“

"€œ This family descends from the Bordets, Lords of Cuilly, Normandy, of whom Robert Bordet I with his son Robert II witnessed a charter of the Count of Anjou before the Norman Conquest. Robert II and his brother Hugh were seated in England at the Conquest. From the Former descends the house of De Cuilly and from the latter the Burdetts"


Historical occurrences of the name

The name Burdett has occurred with regularity throughout the centuries, a number of noteable examples being;

Sir William Burdett who in 1159 founded the Benedictine Alvecote Priory in Warwickshire, as an act of contrition for murdering his wife on his return from the Holy Land because of the false claims of a servant of improper behaviour whilst he was away at the Crusades.

Peter Perez Burdett ( 1734 -€“ 1793) was a Cartographer but also known as one of the surveyors of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, he also modelled for the 18th century artist Joseph Wright, "€œHead of Man"€ being one of the resulting works.

Thomas Burdett was a member of the Duke of Clarence'€™s household, he was arrested in 1477 on the orders of the King and charged with "€œattempting to destroy the King and the Prince through black magic and inciting rebellion"€, he was put to death at Tyburn.

Name frequency

According to the Surnames of England and Wales ONS data base, in September 2002 there were 3965 counts of the Burdett surname giving it a ranking of 2006th (355 for Burditt), this gives a frequency of 1 in 13,720 or 0.00007% of the population.

Distribution of the name

In the 1881 census the most populous counties were Leicestershire 544 entries (or 25.8% of total entries, London 353 entries (16.7%), Warwickshire 195 entries (9.2%) and Yorkshire 175 entries (8.3%).