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About the study

This study is undergoing development as more data is collected.

Variant names

Bunche is one variant.

Name origin

The word is Middle English in origin. The name seems to have originated as a description of a small hill, hillock or lump of earth on the ground. 

 Shakespeare in his play Richard III (1597) describes Richard as 'bunch-backed' indicating that he might have a curvature of his spine which might appear as a small hump on his back. 

Name frequency

The name does not appear frequently. There are clusters in Hampshire, and Lincolnshire.

A truck bearing the name 'Bunch Haulage' was spotted in Charleston, S. Carolina USA.

Distribution of the name

No study may yet been done to ascertain the UK and Worldwide distribution.


Some data has been collected in Lincolnshire.


No DNA study has been undertaken


A Bunch website is under construction but is not yet ready for publication.