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Name origin

Brogden was (and continues to be) a rural place name, near Barnoldswick, in the old West Riding of Yorkshire, England. As a result of Local Government Reorganisation in the 1970s, it is now in the county of Lancashire. The Oxford Dictionary of Place Names (Ekwall; 1966) lists Brogden and its first documented mention as Brokden (1307 in the Pudsay Deeds). Brogden = brook dene = the valley of the brook.

In the Yorkshire West Riding edition of Phillimore's English Surnames Series (George Redmonds; 1973) Brogden is identified as a distinctive local surname, which 'flourished in the rural north of the Riding' and can be found in the 1379 poll tax records.

Name frequency

A search of the 1999 UK electoral registers revealed nearly 1000 Brogdens of voting age with the greatest numbers in Yorkshire and Lancashire. In addition, some 25 people in the UK who spell the name with don rather than den are listed. Brogden family history researchers in the USA, however, find about as many Brogdons as Brogdens. Interestingly, Brogdon prevails in South Carolina and Brogden in North Carolina. In Australia and New Zealand, the den spelling prevails.