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About the study

Brind One Name Study.

Variant names

There are many spellings of the name, particularly in Tudor times. Anything you can imagine around Brynde has been used at some stage. The related name Braund has its own one name group. There are also many Brends.

Name origin

There were Brinds in Wiltshire in the 15th century and perhaps 200 years earlier in Yorkshire.

Historical occurrences of the name

A Brind was the organist at St Pauls when Handel was about. There was also a famous family of Brind silversmiths and there have been many military leaders called Brind. Bryony Brind the ballerina is well known but there was also a famous Brind entymologist. One of the Tolpuddle Martyrs was called James Brine, not quite a Brind but what the heck we will claim him anyway!

Name frequency

There are probably no more than 2,000 Brinds in the UK and perhaps the same number elsewhere.

Distribution of the name

Brind is not a common name anywhere but it is most frequently found in North Wiltshire and nearby parts of Berkshire.


The one name study includes the indexes to all Brind birth, marriage and death entries and much census data in the UK making it affordable to study your Brind ancestors.


Little work has been done on a Brind DNA study but the work that has been done suggests a close connection to the Braund family.