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About the study

My study began when I started to research my mothers family history. My great grandfathers surname varied between Brimbacombe, Brimbecombe, Brimblecombe, Brimacom and finally settled on Brimbecom, which was my mothers maiden name. I began to collect all references to any variation that I found.

Variant names

I have registered the surname Brimblecombe and the variants Brimacombe, Brimicombe, Brimbecom and Brimecombe. However I have collected references to the following variants as well Brinicombe, Brinacombe, Brimilcombe, Brimbecombe, Brimmacombe and Brimmicombe.

Name origin

The surname appears to have originated in Devon and means 'bramble valley'

Name frequency

According to the extract of the National Statistics of September 2002 for England Wales and the Isle of Man, there were 527 Brimacombe, 271 Brimicombe, 77 Brimmicombe 9 Brimmacombe, 87 Brimecombe, 286 Brimblecombe and no Brimbecom.

Distribution of the name

In the 1851 and 1881 census the majority of the Brimblecombes were in Devon as indeed they still seem to be. They can now be found overseas as well in Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.


I am still collecting data but have collected information from the GRO indexes, Census, IGI, Parish Registers and overseas. Any information welcome.