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About the study

I became interested in family history when the 1901 census was published on line. Through my gt grandfather DANIEL BREWERTON 1840 I have traced back to WILLIAM BREWERTON c1765 my Gt. X 3.Grandfather.His first entry is via his marriage to MARY PIERCY 1763 in Shotwick, Cheshire in 1784. They moved to Hawarden, Flintshire and started the BREWERTON tribe.

The surnames of my English Gt.grandparents are BREWERTON, BROUGHTON, WILKES and HOMER. My Scottish Gt. grandparents are FREW, HILL, McDOUGALL and GEMMELL.

About 5 years ago I started collecting information on other Brewertons. I contacted everyone on Genes Reunited who had the name on their tree. About half responded positively. I have also contacted people on Ancestry who have the name. I have googled extensively and have picked up some good contacts this way.

In January 2008 I decided to put the information that I had gathered on to tribal pages. I now have several unique trees on the study and some small clusters of names.

Tree 1: Robert Brewerton c1537 Everton, Nottingham.

Tree 2: Christopher Brewerton c1586 Thorpe, Rothwell, Yorkshire.

Tree 3: Richard Brewerton, known as Bruerton or Bruton c1652 Godington, Oxfordshire.

Tree 4: George Brewerton 1665 born London, moved to the USA.

Tree 5: William Brewerton c1765 Wales/Cheshire?

Tree 6: Henry William Brereton changes to Brewerton c1770 Bethnal Green

Tree 7: John James Brewerton c1810 Sunderland, Durham.

Tree 8: Samuel Brewerton c 1834 London to Newcastle upon Tyne. Could be Samuel c1832 Bethnal Green, part of tree 6.

I also have small collections of names which hopefully will be joined to larger trees one day.

Thomas Brewerton c1580, children christened in Fenchurch, London

Richard Brewerton c1600 London.

Andrew Brewerton c1620, children christened in Dublin.

Dod Brewerton c1650 London.

Francis Brewerton c1660, children christened Bishopgate, London.

Thomas Brewerton c 1700 Bilston.

Thomas Brewerton c1710, Overton, Cheshire.

Robert Brewerton c 1720, son christened in Hants.

George Bruerton changing to Brewerton c1770 Shoreditch.

John Brewerton c1780 Leeds.

William Brewerton 1786 Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Elizabeth Brewerton c1790, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Sophia Brewerton c1791, Berkshire.

Edward Brewerton changes to Bruerton 1799 Darlaston, Staffordshire.

James Brewerton c1816 Married in Manchester.

William Brewerton c1820 changes to Brewester from 1871, Nottingham.

William Brewerton c1824 Hackney, Shoreditch, Middlesex.

John Brewerton 1844 Wandsworth. Moved to Manchester

William Brewerton c1850, Stoke Bruerne, Northants, children born in Dublin

Mary Catherine Brewerton 1866 Barbados.

William Brewerton 1875 Smethwick probably descended from Joseph Bruerton

c1730. Darlastonx2.

There are a few stray Oxford Brewertons so I have put (Oxford) next to their names.

Variant names


I cannot find a meaning of the name Bruerton though with the ton ending this means that it is locational. On the 1841 census there are only 46 Bruertons and most of them came from Darlaston, Staffordshire.

I have been given the tree of Thomas Bruerton c1590-1648 Scalford, Leicestershire. Unfortunately this family changed its name backwards and forwards till the last Bruerton, Richard 1730.

I have been given fragments of Darlaston trees. Whilst it would be nice to think that they all come from a common ancestor, I have no proof of this as yet.

Early Bruertons from Darlaston: Joseph c1730 = Elizabeth Deaken,William c1735 = Sarah, Theophilus c1735 = Elizabeth, Samuel c1744 = Sarah and John c1751 = Mary.

On the LDS site it has a list of Brewertons and Bruertons from Baswich, Staffs. I think this is where the Darlaston Bruertons came from.

All the other Bruertons that I have come across belong to the Brewerton Oxford tree.
This is from Thomas Brewerton/Bruerton 1720 Godington.

Name origin

According to the 'internet surname database' Brewerton is an English medieval surname. It is locational from various places called 'Brereton' in the counties of Staffordshire and Cheshire, and 'Brearton' in West Yorkshire. The place name derivations are slightly different as can be seen from records in the Domesday Book of 1066. Brereton in Cheshire (called Brewerton in some publications) and Brearton in West Yorkshire are recorded as 'Bretone' and 'Brareton' respectively and derive from the Old English pre 7th Century elements 'braer' meaning briar and 'tun', meaning enclosure or settlement. Brereton in Staffordshire is first recorded as 'Breredon', the second element being 'dun' meaning hill. The two names would therefore denote one who lived at the settlement where briars grew, or at the briar hill.

I think this meaning must be taken with some caution since the same meaning is given to the name Brereton.

History of the name

From a History of Fort Brewerton (in the USA): The fort was named in honor of Major George Brewerton, Jr. an estimable officer of the English Army, who is believed by many to have had charge of the construction of the fort. George Brewerton, for whom the fort was named, was born in the city of New York in 1737. A letter written by his father, Captain George Brewerton, Senior resulted in his commission. Mr. Brewerton was commissioned a lieutenant under his father, Capt Geo Brewerton, Sen. on August 1757; was commissioned Captain, May 3, 1759; Major on May 14, 1759; Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st regiment on May 15, 1760; and Colonel in 1761. During the Revolution, he was charged with dangerous and treasonable conspiracies against the Whig cause, and at the instance of Livingston, Morris and Jay, a warrant was issued in June 1776 by General Greene for his apprehension and the seizure of his paper. Brewerton surrendered himself to the general, who sent him to his accusers. In his examination, he stated that instead of aiding the ministerial armies, I have persuaded men to enlist in the Contential Service. He was held to good behavior to the Whigs in a bond of five hundred pounds, with Jacob Brewerton as Security. Subsequently he entered the service of the crown, and commanded the Second Battalion of Delanceys Brigade. He died in Jamaica on September 15, 1779, universally beloved, and his death greatly lamented.

One of his descendants George Douglas Brewerton, was a famous artist and writer. He was been born in Newport, Rhode Island, the first of four children of Caroline Louisa Knight (1801-1853) and Henry L. Brewerton (1801-1879). His father`s first American forebear was English hatter George Brewerton (b. 1665), who had served as secretary to the lieutenant governor of New York and whose descendants, too, would occupy key political roles in New York State as proprietors, aldermen, and justices. The artist`s father, Henry, an army engineer with an authoritarian bent, became superintendent of his alma mater, the United States Military Academy, in 1845, a position he kept until succeeded by Robert E. Lee in 1852. Henry`s older brother, Marine Lt. George Douglas Brewerton (1799-1827), was surely the namesake of Henry`s first son, who went by 'Douglas'.

Some of the Everton Brewertons became Mormons. I have a lot of their history on Tribal pages. The following is an extract: Charles Brewerton and a Brother Brewerton are listed as being in Robert Campbell`s company 1854, crossing the plains--Charles as a wagon master and Bro. Brewerton undoubtedly Thomas William Brewerton as Captain of the Guard. On a list of the Mormons going to the USA it has Brother and Charles on the ship The Robert Campbell. It also has Charles and Eliza on the ship Old England. The first is a mistake.

From the history of Thomas Featherstone:From Florence we started across the plains, seeing thousands of buffaloes on the way. We arrived at Salt Lake City, Utah on 11 September 1857. We lived in Salt Lake until spring with Charles Brewerton.

On Tribal Pages I have put: a collection of Brewertons who have been convicted of a crime into a Rogues Gallery.

I have put on some general information gathered from the London Gazette and other sources.

Name frequency

In an extract of an Office of National Statistics database for 2002, the name Brewerton is ranked 9095 with a count of 665.
The name Bruerton is ranked 55819 with a count of 43.

According to the National Trust: Brewerton, Frequency 1881- 1998, Frequency 301 506 +205
Rank Order 9537 8754 +783
Occurrences per million names 11 14 +3

The National trust does not have the name Bruerton on it's records.

Distribution of the name

From the National Trust: Geographical Spread Geographical Spread Statistics


Great Britain top area (1881) Oxford
Great Britain top area (1998) Oxford
Great Britain top postal town Wallingford

Number of UK gazetteer entries None

New Zealand top province Nelson
New Zealand top province index * 1567

United States top state Hawaii
United States top state index * 1423

Social Demographics Social Demographics Statistics.


Category of surname English - Locational Name; Settlement Ending; Ton

Ethnicity of forenames Ethnicity of forenames BREWERTON

Number of occurrences as forename. Closest similar surname (phononym) none

British or unknown 99.04
---English or unknown 98.08
---Irish 0.19
---Scottish 0.00
---Welsh 0.77

French 0.19

Italian 0.38

Other Muslim 0.19

Indian 0.19
---Hindi 0.19


On Excel I have put the following censuses into family groups which have been colour coded with notes attached to the families. 1841 Census. 1851 Census 1861 Census. I am working on the other censuses.

I also have 17c christenings and 18c Christenings on Excel. I have taken these from the LDS.

On Tribal Pages I have listed the following:

Archives held by the New Zealand Govt.

Index : USA World War 1 & 2 records.

Index: Passenger leaving the UK list 1890-1960

Index: UK Incoming Passenger List.

List : Commonwealth Graves Oct 2008

List of Brewertons and Bruertons from Baswich.,


I have a BREWERTON DNA project at

Whilst only men can take the Y-37 DNA test, female Brewertons can help towards the project by spreading the word about it and by encouraging people to donate to the project via the site.

At the moment we have had 14 results from several Brewerton trees.