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About the study

I am interested in the name BRATHERTON because it is my own maiden name. Within my direct family the name is being 'daughtered out': there are many descendants of Brathertons, but none in the generation below mine who have the family surname.

I have collected data from the UK Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1837-1903/30/35, and censuses and various other sources. Using Google I take an interest in today's Brathertons.

Name origin

The name is from Cheshire and/or Lancashire, though there are a scatter of early records from other parts of England.

Historical occurrences of the name

I know of no historically significant Brathertons, though on my Bratherton main page you can see information about a Gooseberry, a Fictional Character, and a couple of regular Misprints!

Name frequency

The Taliesin database, from NHS England and Wales records, has 287 Brathertons. This puts it as the 16,859th most common surname, and gives an estimate of 267 Brathertons in today's England and Wales population. By contrast, there are 1,544 Brethertons (4,646th) and 2,499 Brothertons (3,048th) in the database (population estimates 1,436 and 2,324 respectively).

The 1901 UK census initially listed 105 Brathertons - but omitted several of them including my grandfather and great-grandfather whose household appeared as 'Bralliorton' (since corrected)!

Distribution of the name

There are Brathertons today in Cheshire and Lancashire, and also elsewhere in England and the USA.

See my Bratherton page for a note about Scottish records.


You can consult my Births, Marriages and Deaths information on my Guild of One-Name Studies archive page.