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About the study

This study covers all people with the surname Bransgrove (or variants) at any time period, worldwide. All of them appear to descend from Edward and Sarah Bransgrove, who were born around 1660 and lived in Hanwell, Middlesex.

Hanwell is now a suburb of Greater London, but at that time was an independent village about 10 miles from the capital.

The family remained in Hanwell and nearby parishes until the 1800s, when they gradually spread more widely, particularly in Australia.

Variant names

Variants included are Bransgrove, Bansgrove and Bramsgrove.

Bransgrove is the most common variant at all time periods.

Bansgrove was almost as common until the late 1700s, when it was steadily replaced by Bransgrove. However a few lines still survive, particularly in Australia.

Bramsgrove is a rare variant at all time periods, and appears now to be extinct.

Bromsgrove is not currently included, except when it obviously refers to someone normally known by one of the other names.

Name origin

Bransgrove is a surname deriving from a location, although exactly where is unclear. There is a parish of Bransgrove in Dorset, and a hamlet in Devon, and it might be that the name derives from one of these. However the earliest known occurrences of the surname are in the mid-1600s, in Hanwell, some 300 years after surnames first developed, so it is more likely that it has evolved from an earlier form, perhaps Bromsgrove.

Historical occurrences of the name

There are no historically famous Bransgroves. However five were transported (to Virginia, Van Diemen's Land or New South Wales) and there were two 20th century murderers. Given the rarity of the name these are large numbers.

Name frequency

Bransgrove is a fairly rare surname, currently ranking just below 25,000th place in Britain.

Distribution of the name

In 1851 there were about 150 Bransgroves in Britain and fewer than 20 in Australia, a mixture of transportees and free migrants and their families.

By 1901 there were still around 150 in the UK, but the Australian contingent had grown to around 75 (plus 10 Bansgroves).

In 2010 there are still only about 150 Bransgroves in the UK, with the largest concentration in London and the adjoining counties. However in Australia there are now 300-400 Bransgroves, with a further 40-50 in New Zealand. There are also small numbers of Bransgroves in the USA, Canada and South Africa, and more recent British emigrants in Spain.


Trees have been produced showing the descent of (almost) all Bransgroves from the ancestral couple, Edward and Sarah. These extend to c2000 in the UK, and to c1950 in Australia and New Zealand.

Original data held includes parish register baptisms, marriages and burials from 1660 onwards; BMDs from FreeBMD and Ancestry from 1837 onwards; and 1841-1911 census data.