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About the study

I started the Brailey one-name study in 1996 and registered the name in 2002. Brailey was my maiden surname. I had always wanted to find out if the story my father had told me when I was a child was true. He had said that his uncle was a crewmember on the Titanic and had drowned when the ship sank. Having discovered the piano player on the Titanic was called Theodore Brailey. I thought my fathers story was correct. Sadly after many hours of research I found I was not related to Theodore, but during my research I had collected a large number of Brailey references and so I decided to register the name with the Guild of One Name Studys.

Variant names

There are a few variants of the surname including Brayley, Braley, Bruly, Brailie and Brearly. I have registered the spellings of Brailey and Brayley and Braley.

Name origin

Brailey is an english habitational name from the manor of Brayley Barton which is named from the River Bray. Brayley Barton is about 15 miles from Exeter near to South Molton