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About the study

The Bradish One-Name study commenced in 2014 when I decided to take on the project of translating the Bradish data in a spreadsheet created by Claude James Bradish (1923-1999) into a computer genealogy data manager (RootsMagic) in order make his work available to other Bradish researchers. I had never met Claude nor had the chance to communicate with him but Juanita Bradish Curley did. Juanita wrote what has become known to us as "The Book" * which was the published result of over 25 years of her work on the Bradish surname. She and her husband published a supplement ** in 2010 which included a number of families from Ireland.

In 2003, Juanita and I came into possession of Claude's spreadsheet and scanned supporting documents through the good graces of his widow, Diana. Claude was an engineer and had designed his own numbering system which he used to record his research in a Lotus Symphony spreadsheet.

We attempted several times to decode and understand Claude's data and failed. In the winter of 2014 I decided it was "do or die" time and succeeded in transcribing and linking over 1300 records into RootsMagic by that September.

It had become apparent that I had to learn how to research Irish records, and immediately took on the task with the help of a research consultant at the Family History Library. He suggested that I should consider doing a study with the One Name Guild.

And so the creation of a Bradish one-name study began. The number Bradish and immediate family records has increased to over 2300. I hope to somehow sort out and link the Irish, UK and American Bradishes into some semblance of clarity.

The Bradish One Name Study was registered with the One-Name Guild in April of 2016. I am currently in the process of learning how to place the data on their web site.

When I'm done with Ireland I will take on the UK. Obviously this is a work in progress.

* Curley, Juanita Bradish; Patrick J Curley; Robert L Mittino. "A Genealogy & History of Robert Bradish in America". Northville, Mich. : Unicorn Press, 2000. ISBN-10: 097034810X, ISBN-13: 978-0970348104

** Curley, Juanita Bradish; Patrick J Curley. "Additions and corrections to A genealogy & history of Robert Bradish in America". Northville, Mich. : Unicorn Press, 2010.

Variant names

Variants and deviations I have found of the Bradish name are as follows.

Found in England: 
Bondish, Braddish, Bradich, Bradioe, Bradis, Bradish, Bradishe, Bradiske, Bradislo, Bradush, Broddish, Brodish, Brodishe, Brodocke, Brodyssh, Brondich, Brundish, Brundishe, Bundich, Bundish

Found in the United States:
Braddish, Bradesh, Bradish, Brandish, Bredish, Breadish, Broadish, Brodish

(Underlined surnames are registered in this study.)

When I can separate the variants from the deviations and those which aren't really Bradishes, I plan to register the variants to the Bradish One-Name Study. I now have added Braddish as a variant to the study.

Name origin

There are two possibilities so far.

  1. bradish: a curtain used to control air flow in a mine, a variation of brattice and other spellings (eg. braddish; brettice; brettis; brattish).
  2. "Of Irish origin: unexplained; perhaps from Gaelic ÓBrádaigh (see Brady)"
    1. ÓBrádaigh "Irish Gaelic form of BRADY."
    2. Brady "Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó Brádaigh meaning "descendant of BRÁDACH"."
    3. Brádach "Possibly derived from a Gaelic word meaning 'large-chested'."

Historical occurrences of the name

To be added later.

Name frequency

To be added later.

Distribution of the name

To be added later.


Only one Bradish is known to have had his yDNA tested, me. I was tested by for 111 markers. I am also the Bradish project manager at Family Tree DNA which means I can get a discount for DNA tests with this company.

There are a number of Irish Bradishes which I so far haven't been able to tie to my Robert Bradish line from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England (1635 and before). I strongly suspect that only DNA testing will provide proof of a family relationship or not.

If you are a male line Bradish descendant and are willing to have your yDNA tested, please contact me for testing advice and how to get a discount. 


To be added later.