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About the study

I have always been curious about the BOXALL name; being part of my ancestry. While researching my family I accumulated a lot of data, the next most logical step in my research was a One name Study for the BOXALL name and it's variants.

Variant names

Within individual families there can be found various spellings of the BOXALL name especially as you go back further in time. These are the variants that are registered with the Guild; BOXELL, BOXHALL, BOXSHALL, BOXWELL. I have also found additional variants including: BOXHILL(1700's), BOXILL (mainly from Barbados), BOXFOLD (1500's), BOXOLD. In Australia I've also found: BOXSELL.

Name origin

A few individuals believe the BOXALL name came from France during William the Conqueror's time but I disagree with this theory, I have been unable to find any verifying evidence to support the theory. Others believe the name originates from a specific place; such as BOXWELL in Gloucestershire, or a place in Sussex. There is very little supporting evidence for this either. I also do not believe that all BOXALLs are altimately related and that there is one definitive BOXALL ancestor. My personal choice of theory is that many individuals received or took their name from the topographical area in which they lived, possibly in a location that was near boxwood trees. We may never know. Perhaps DNA studies will provide some answers, though I suspect that the origin of the name will always be questioned and debated over. Here is a link to a paper that uses the BOXALL name as a case study.


The BOXALL database has many aspects, including:

Transcribed Parish Registers from various sources;

General Registry Office Index is approximately 98% complete from 1837 to 1911; (after 1911 data is slowly being included)

Index of Wills from 1525 onwards;

Probate Index for England from 1858 - 1880;

Other sources include: references from Directories; WWI and WWII deaths; Quarter Sessions; Return of Owners of Land 1872; News Articles; etc.

Australian Birth, Marriage and Deaths from various transcribed sources;

Census Data: England all available years from 1841 - 1901; Some Canadian Census data and USA data.

These are not an all inclusive but are works-in-progress, as there are a lot of resources available that have yet to be included. So while the BOXALL database is growing slowly, any assistance in adding more information is always appreciated. Also, the database is not available for general research, however, requests for look-ups are encouraged.


There is now a DNA project started in the hope that we can see how many different family lines there are and which names link to which lines. The results may be surprising and may take years to work out, but hopefully many BOXALL (and variants) from around the world will be willing to participate. As results come in, a summary of findings will be included at the Project Website.