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About the study

The Bowdler One-Name study began in 1987 with the formation of the Bowdler Family History Society. The society has unfortunately not met since 1999 but the study has been continued by members such as myself. The name was originally registered in 1998 by my father Terry Bowdler and I have now re-registered it.

Variant names

The name 'Bowdle' is a registered variant of Bowdler. The name came about when an ancestor emigrated to America and dropped the 'r'.

Name origin

The Bowdler surname is derived from one Baldwin de Boulers who came to England in 1105 from Flanders to take over the Lordship of Montgomery in the Welsh Marches. The family held the lordship for several generations and settled in Shropshire for many generations afterwards. As far as we know, all Bowdlers can trace their roots back to Baldwin.