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About the study

Marrying into such an unusual family name I couldn't help but be interested in finding out more.

Variant names

Boutelou, Bouteloux, Bouthelou, Boutheloup, Bouteleux, Boutleux, Boutlou, Boutloup.

Name origin

The name originates in Normandy, Brittany and Pay de la Loire regions of North West France

Bouteloup means after, or end of, the wolf so is a probable nickname of a hunter of wolves.

Name frequency

Bouteloup is ranked as the 11,764th surname in France with a total of only 10,760 individuals recorded. Only handful of individuals have been recorded world wide outside France including the UK, Channel Islands, USA and Australia.


Census records: Jersey and England.

BMD: Jersey and England

Grave stones: Jersey

Parish and Civil records 1669 - 1892 Reffuveille, Manche, France