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About the study

This study is in its very early stages. I am adding it to my two existing studies, Boustred and Bulstrode, because all three names figure in my DNA project, so I now feel it is important to start researching the Boustead family, too. I am happy to receive any enquiries, and I will do my best to help, but as yet I do not have a large body of information.

Variant names

The largest group in this study is the BOUSTEAD name, followed by BOWSTEAD. There are also a smaller number of BOUSTED and BOWSTED records. Occasionally, BONSTEAD and BONSTEAD occur, but at the moment I believe that these are probably transcription errors or wrongly recorded originals.

Name origin


Historical occurrences of the name


Name frequency


Distribution of the name

The Bousteads seem to be found mostly in the north of England, with the biggest concentrations being in Cumberland, Westmorland, Northumberland and Durham. As in almost every family, some members moved to London, so a number of branches can be found there, too.


I am starting my study by working from the Birth, Marriage and Death registrations in England and Wales between 1837 and the present day, as far as they are available. My first aim is to try to link the birth, marriage and death records together to attach them to specific individuals. I am also working with the census record from 1841 to 1911 to try to reconstruct the family groups into small family trees, which I then hope to link together into larger trees. I am also very interested in the men who died in the two World Wars, so I am already researching them and their families. This means that the study is also reaching out to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, right from the beginning, since some of those who died came from those countries, though I suspect many were possibly from the first generation to be born there.


I have set up a DNA project to try to discover whether or not the Bousteads, Boustreds and Bulstrodes share a common ancestor. We have four samples in the database already - a Boustred one and three Bulstrode ones. If you would be interested in taking part in a DNA project, please do contact me. Because the DNA test uses the male Y chromosome, only direct male line name-bearing Boustreds, Bousteads and Bulstrodes can take part. Sadly, being female, that counts me out!

Further details of the project can be found at: