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About the study

A study of the surname Boughton mainly in the UK

Variant names

Boughten, Bowghton, Bowden, Bouten, Booden, Boodon, Booten and Booton.

Although I have not a great collection on these variant names, it is interesting to note that Bowden often became Boughton. I suspect that for people who could not write, the names sounded similar.

Name origin

The surname Boughton is thought to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, and a surname deriving from many of the places called Boughton in various counties in England.

Another theory on the origin is that the name came over from France with the Normans as "€œde Bouten"€ and then gradually changed to Boughton

Historical occurrences of the name

Joan Boughton - martyr - burned at the stake in 1494 suspected of being a follower of Wycliffe

Rutland Boughton composer born in Buckinghamshire

George Boughton - artist

Name frequency

Census Statistics for BOUGHTON (no variants)

653784104810701236139916311771Find My Past

The higher occurance on Ancestry is possibly because it includes corrections made by researchers

Distribution of the name

England mainly Gloucestershire, Kent, Buckinghamshire & Lancashire


BMD records, Census Records, Parish Registers, Newspapers, Electoral Rolls, Certificates


There is not currently a DNA study