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About the study

The BOOTES One-Name Study began in 2004 after I was made redundant and needed a new interest.  I joined  GOONS in 2006  when my curiosity with family history showed there were not many of us BOOTES around and also that my mother's GOWLAND surname was also rare. I would gladly help someone to take on  the GOWLAND surname. 

Variant names

The 'E' comes and goes throughout the records, usually being dropped but sometimes inserted. The 'S' is more constant: seldom dropped, and very rarely added. I am not currently looking at these surnames: BOOT, BOOTE, BOOTY, BOOTON, BOOLS, ROOTES, ROOTS, ROOTE, ROOT ... or BOOTH.

Name origin

I'm unconvinced: 'A maker or seller of boots' ... or ... 'from Buat Castle near Falaise in Normandy'.

Historical occurrences of the name

The surname is first recorded in Berkshire where they were granted land by William the Conqueror for their assistance at the Battle of Hastings.

The name has nothing to do with the astronomical constellation Boötes.

Name frequency

The ONS Names database shows numbers of living people with these surnames in 2002:

BOOTES .................... 188
BOOTS ...................... 418

Analysis of Civil Registration of births from 1837 to 2004 shows an average of only 3 BOOTES and 7 BOOTS per year. The censuses show Bootes to be about 3 persons per million, and Boots about 10 persons per million.

Distribution of the name

There are two main branches of Boots traceable in the UK from Civil Registrations: one from Sussex and Kent; the other from Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Both had migrations to the industrial north during Victorian times. Some Sussex Boots emigrated to America and Australia; some Oxfordshire Boots went to Wales, along with one family from the Channel Islands. The Bootes surname is also present in the Netherlands. There are many Boots in America descended from Hans Adam Stiefel (1732-1803) of German origin which is an example of a Translated Surname; stiefel being German for boots.