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William Boleyn and Maria Boleyn (Paupers and strangers from Doncaster)

Maria Boleyn

Maria was the wife of William.  They had 4 sons:  Caesar; William; Joseph and James.

Maria Boylynn (as written on burial record) was 70 years old when she died.  She was already a widow.

She was born in 1757 and was buried on 28 November 1827 at St Peter and St Paul in Sheffield.

Maria and her husband William were paupers and strangers from Doncaster.

Children:  Ceasar Boleyn – born 16/2/1800  (see below); William; Joseph and James.

William Bylin was Christened on 13 September 1793 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire. 

His parents were William and Maria Bylin.  It stated on the Christening record that they were paupers and strangers from Doncaster.   He has 3 brothers, Joseph, Caesar and James.

Joseph Boyling was Christened on 29 April 1790 in Boston, Lincs. Parents were William Boyling and Maria and they were paupers and strangers from Doncaster.

James Boyling was Christened on 10 March 1796 in Whaplode Drive, Lincolnshire.

Parents were William Boyling and Maria.

It stated on the Christening record that they were paupers and strangers from Doncaster.


Ceasar Boleyn and Rebecca Glave

Ceasar Boleyn

Ceasar was a Chairmaker.  Born in Doncaster on 16/2/1800.  He died 4/3/1869 age 70 from Bronchitis at 37 Brown Street, Sheffield.  He was buried on 8.3.1869 at St Mary’s Brammall Lane, Sheffield.

He had three brothers:  James (born 10.3.1796 in Lincs); Joseph (born 29/4/1790 in Boston, Lincs) and William (born 13/9/1793 in Holbeach, Lincs).

He was baptised within the Mormon Church on 15/2/1849 in Sheffield.  Records state:  Cesar Bolyn had been baptised within the Mormon Church on the 15/2/1849.  The individual who baptised him was Elder Whitely and the branch at which he had been entered was the Sheffield branch.  His residence at the time he entered the church was Prokters Yard, Pinston Street in Sheffield.  There appeared a second baptism in the year 1853 by one Elder Glover.  Cesar was ordained as a teacher by Elders Bond and Webb on the 9 September 1859 and was ordained an Elder on the 21 September 1856.   There seemed to be a further baptismal reference on the 9 February 1857 to him. 

Most interestingly on the 18 August 1867 he was cut off for apostacy.  It seemed likely that he was expelled from the church at this point.  His daughter Selena was baptized on 8 April 1848 aged 15 and was ordained a Deacon on 3 March 1851.

Ceasar married Rebecca Glave, a button polisher, Rotherham Parish Church on 23/8/1821.  He is buried at St Mary's, Brammall Lane, Sheffield - buried on 8/3/1869.

His name was mis-spelt throughout his life, e.g. Cesar, Ceaser. Caecer, Ceasar, Cassall, Boleyn, Boleyne, Bolyn, Boyling, Boylynn.

His parents are listed as William and Maria Boyling, also spelt Bolyn and Bylin.  On the Christening records it says that they were paupers and strangers from Doncaster.

Ceasar and Rebecca had several children, Agnes and Rebecca who died as babies and surviving children Rebecca, Emma, Selena, Maria and William.

Records from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints show the following extract from the Divine Authenticity of the Book Of Mormon, Liverpool 1850:

"Devonshire Lane, Sheffield, May 18th 1849.  A little girl, the daughter of Brother and Sister Bolyn, Pinstone Street, was seized with the scarlet fever; the mother was afraid and fetched the doctor who prepared a concoction for the child to take, but when the father came home, he put the medicine away and procured some olive oil which was consecrated by Elders Dunn, Burgess and myself, and was then administered by the father and the disease left her that same hour; their little boy was then seized with the same kind of fever; when the doctor came in to see the little girl he saw her playing about with the children and said "Why she is better!"  "Yes sir" said the mother "and now the little boy's begun".  "Have you given the little girl all the medicine?"  "Sir?"  "Oh well continue to give the boy the same medicine and he will soon be better".  They attended to the ordinance of healing, instituted by our Saviour and the boy was restored the same day; another of the family was then seized and they administered the same medicine (olive oil) which procured an instantaneous cure.  "Yours in the true covenant, J. Long, Presiding Elder".

Caesar appears on the 1841 and 1851 Censuses:

1841 Census - Living at Brown Lane, Sheffield

Caesar Boyling 42 - Chairmaker - Born in Yorkshire

Rebecca Boyling 42 - Born in Yorkshire

Emma Boyling 15 - Born in Yorkshire

Rebecca Boyling 10 - Born in Yorkshire

Selina Boyling 6 - Born in Lancashire

William Boyling 1 - Born in Yorkshire

1851 Census

Living at 16 Balm Green, Sheffield

Caesar Boleyn - Head 51 - Born in Doncaster - Chairmaker

Rebecca Boleyn - Wife 51 - Born in Attercliffe - Polisher

William Boleyn - Son 11 - Born in Sheffield - Errand Boy

Maria Boleyn - Daugher 9 - Born in Sheffield - Scholar

George Glave - Wife's Brother 59 - Born in Attercliffe - Butcher

Selina Webster - Daugher - 19 - Born in Manchester

Thomas Webster - Son In Law - 18 - Not stated - Table Knife Cutter

Rebecca Glave

Rebecca was born in Rotherham on 23.8.1821.  Rebecca's parents were John Glave and Rebecca as listed on Christening record.

Rebecca Glave, a button polisher, married Caesar Boylynn (as stated on the marriage record).

Rebecca Boleyne, widow of Caesar Boleyne, died on 24 November 1878 at 100 Gooch Street, Birmingham, aged 79.  Cause of death given as old age.  Present at death Eliza Boleyne, daughter in law (wife of her son William).  Buried on 29 November 1878 at Witton Cemetery, Moor Lane, Birmingham.  Register No 91906.

Rebecca was a widow by the time the 1871 census was taken and is listed on the 1871 census as follows:

1871 Census

Living at 37 Brown Street, Sheffield, St Peters

Rebecca Boleyn - Widow - Head - 72 - Born in Yorkshire

Elizabeth Skelley - Granddaughter - 28 - born in Yorkshire - Matress Maker

William Skelly - Grandson - 18 - born in Yorkshire - Spring Make


Details of Ceasar and Rebecca’s Children:

Selina Boleyn

Selina Boleyn, daughter of Ceasar and Rebecca Boleyn (nee Glave) was born on 15 April 1835 in Manchester. 

Selena was baptized into the Mormon Church on 8 April 1848 aged 15 and was ordained a Deacon on 3 March 1851.

She married Ezra Thomas Webster (known as Thomas) on 3 March 1851 at Sheffield Parish Church.   Selina was 17 years old when she got married and was living at Barkers Pool, Sheffield.  She made her mark when signing the register.  Ezra Thomas Webster, a cutler, the son of William Webster, a Silversmith, was 19 years old and living in Earl Street, Sheffield.

Maria Boleyn

Maria Boleyn married William Holland on the 20 March 1862 at Christ Church in the parish of Pitsmoor in Sheffield.   Maria was 20 years old and living in Pitsmoor and was the daughter of Caesar Boleyn who was a chairmaker.  William Holland was 20.5 years old, a fluter living in Pitsmoor and the son of William Holland, also a fluter. William Holland signed his name and Maria Boleyn made her mark. The Witnesses were William Hardcastle and Elizabeth Crooks Fletcher who both signed their names.

Rebecca Boleyn

Rebecca Boleyn married Henry Arthur Cooper Bennett on the 17 March 1856 at the Parish Church of Sheffield. 

Henry Arthur Cooper Bennett was 27 years old and was a whitesmith living at Chester Street in Sheffield.  His Father was Burkitt Cooper Bennett who was a labourer.

Rebecca Boyleyn was 27 years old and also living at Chester Street in Sheffield.  Her father was Ceasar Boyleyn who was a chairmaker.

Both Rebecca and Henry were able to sign their names.

The witnesses were Charles Hanson who was the husband of her sister, Emma (know as Ann) who signed his name and Rebecca Boyleyn - Rebecca's Mother who made her mark.

Emma Boleyn

Emma Boleyn (known as Ann) married Charles Hanson.

Emma and her husband were the witnesses to Emma's sister's marriage: Rebecca Boleyn to Henry Arthur Cooper Bennett on the 17 March 1856 in the parish Church of Sheffield.

Rebecca Boleyn

Rebecca Boleyn was born in January 1825 in Holly Street, Sheffield.  Her parents were Ceasar and Rebecca Boleyn (nee Glave).

Rececca Boleyn died on Friday 21 April 1826 aged 15 months.  She is buried at St Peter and St Paul's Church in Sheffield.  On the burial record she is known as Rebecca Boylill daughter of Ceasor Boylill, a Chairmaker.

Agnes Boleyn

Agnes Boleyn was buried on 11 July 1824 at St Peter and St Paul's in Sheffled.  She was aged 2 years.  On the Burial Record she is recorded as Agnes Boylym - it lists her father, Ceacer - chairmaker.  She died at Haymarket, Sheffield.

Children of Selina Boleyn and Thomas Webster

Annie Selina is the daughter of Ezra Thomas Webster and Selina Boleyn.

Annie Selina Webster had an illegitimate son called James W Webster born in 1882 in Leeds, before she married Edwin Bradshaw.

Annie Selina Bradshaw (nee Webster) died on the 20 June 1900 aged 39 at 8 Playfair Avenue, Hunslet, Leeds.

Edwin Bradshaw, her husband, was present at the time of her death.

Other children of Selina and Thomas were:

Walter, Harriett, William and Ezra Thomas.


William John Bolyene and Eliza Johnson Andrew (first wife)

Willam Boleyne

William John Boleyn was born on 30 September 1839 in Sheffield.  His first wife was Eliza Andrew.  They had several children:

Ellen - Born 1867 in Birmingham

William - Born 14 July 1861 in Rotherham - Died at Egerton Street, Sheffield, Age 2 - buried on 13 March 1863 at St Mary's, Brammall Lane, Sheffield.

Thomas Andrew - Born 24 November 1862 at 14 Pond Street, Sheffled.  Died 1863 at Egerton Street, Sheffield - Aged 11 months - buried 1 November 1863 at St Mary's, Brammall Lane, Sheffield.

Joseph -  Born 1865 in Birmingham

Emma - Born 1873

Anna - Born 1875 in Birmingham

John Ceasar Born 17 April 1859 in Windhill, Tankersley, Yorkshire

William – Born 26.12.1877 in Birmingham (known as Willie)

Edwin - Born 1870 in Aston Birmingham - Died 1873 in Aston (Age 2)

Elizabeth : Born in Birmingham

Selina - Born 25 April 1876 at 100 Gooch Street, Birmingham - Died 29 Sept 1877 aged 1 year - buried at Witton Cemetery in Birmingham

William appears with his wife and children on the 1861; 1871 and 1881 Censuses as follows:

1861 Census

Living at Oil Mill Fold, Rotherham

William John Boleyne - Head - 21 - Born in Sheffield - Tinner and Copper Smith

Elyn Boleyne - Wife - 20 - Born in Derbyshire

John Ceaser Boleyne - Son - 2 - Born in Mertrinty

William Boleyne - Son - 1 - Born in Rotherham

John Skelly - Nephew - 17 - Born in Sheffield - Wood Sawyer

John Smith - Visitor - 24 - Born in Bolton - Coal Miner

1871 Census:-

Living at 2 Back Highgate Streeet, Deritend, Aston, Birmingham

William Boleyne - Head - 29 - Born in Sheffield - Zinc Worker employing 1 man and 2 boys

Elisa Boleyne - Wife - 28 - Born in Derbyshire

John C Boleyne - son - 12 - Born in Mortomby - Scholar

Jospeh Boleyne - Son - 6 - Born in Birmingham - Scholar

Edwin Boleyne - Son - 11 months - Born in Birmingham

Ellen Boleyne - Daughter - 4 - Born in Birmingham - Scholar

1881 Census:

Living at 26 Dunfields, Sheffield

William Boleyne - Head 39 - Born in Sheffield - Tin Plate Worker

Eliza Boleyne - Wife - 38 - Born in Derby

Josiah Boleyne - Son - 16 - Born in Birmingham - Tin Plate Worker

Ellen Boleyne - Daughter - 14 - Born in Birmingham - scholar

Emma Boleyne -Daughter - 8 - Born in Birmingham - Scholar

Anna Boleyne - Daughter - 6 - Born in Birmingham - scholar

William Boleyne - Son - 3 - Born in Birmingham

William John Bolyene had remarried by the time the 1891 Census was taken.  His second wife was Esther and their daughter Jessie was under 1 month of age were in the Workhouse Infirmary.  William's Census listing reads as follows:

1891 Census:

Living at Upper Highgate Street, 2 Back of 99, Deritend, Aston, Birmingham

William Bohyne - Head - Married - 50 - Born in Sheffield - Zinc Worker

Emma Bohyne - Daughter - 18 - Born in Birmingham - Chocolate Coverer

Annie Bohyne - Daughter - 16 - Born in Birmingham - Chocolate Coverer

Willie Bohyne - Son - 14 - Born in Birmingham - Zinc Worker

Elizabeth Bohyne - Daughter - 7 - Born in Birmingham

James Bohyne - Son - 2 - Born in Birmingham

Eliza Johnson Andrew (first wife)

Eliza was born in 1841 in Derbyshire.  She married William Boleyne on 27 July 1857 at St Geroges, Sheffield.  She was his first wife.


Ellen Boleyne

Ellen Boleyne the daughter of William John Boleyne and Eliza Andrew married Edward Charles Bayliss.  The Marriage Certificate reads:

On the 25 December 1887 at St Pauls Church in Balsall Heath - Edward Charles Bayliss a 23 year old tube drawer from Balsall Heath, whose father was William Edward Bayliss also a tube drawer, married Ellen Boleyne who was 21 years old from Balsall Heath, the daughter of William John Boleyne, a plumber.  Both Edward and Ellen signed their names.  The witnesses were William John Boleyne and Emma Elizabeth Bayliss.

Ellen and Edward appear on the 1891 Census:

1891 Census - Living at Dawlish Road, Northfield, Worcestershire

Edward C Bayliss - Head - 26 - Born in Birmingham - Tubemaker

Ellen Bayliss - Wife - 23 - Born in Birmingham

Willie Bayliss - son - 2 - Born in Selly Oak

Dorothy Bayliss - Daughter - 5 months - Born in Selly Oak

Clara Mason - Servant - 12 - Born in Selly Oak – Domestic

Joseph Boleyne

Joseph, son of William John Boleyne and Eliza Andrew (also known as Josiah) was born in 1865 in Birmingham. 

He was a Zinc Worker and married Ellen in 1883 in Birmingham.   They lived at Gooch Street, No 1 Court 24.   They had four children:

Elizabeth Boleyne - known as Eliza - (born 1884) who married George Bowker (born

1881; died 1919).  Elizabeth died in the 1960’s.  They lived in Kings Heath, Birmingham.  She was not a very happy woman but they had hard times – her husband George was gassed during WW1 and died in 1919.  She did not marry again.

Willie Boleyne

Willie was born 26.12.1878.  He was a zinc worker.  He had a daughter Catherine Boleyne who was born in 1904 who married Albert Haynes.  He also had a daughter Violet who had a son Arthur Boleyne.

Alice (born in 1886);

Henry (Born 1888) - also known as Harry.

Rosa - Born 1890.

Willam Boleyne

William Boleyne died age 2 at Eggerton Street, Sheffield.

Buried at St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

This must have been a very painful time for the Boleyn family.  Two children dying within the same year.  However in those days, conditions such at this was, unfortunately, not an unusual occurrence within families.

Thomas Andrew Boleyne

Thomas Andrew Boleyne died age 11 months at Egerton Street, Sheffield.

Buried at St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

Selina Boleyne

Selina was born 25 April 1876 at 100 Gooch Street, Birmingham.

She Died on 29 September 1877 at 100 Gooch Street, Birmingham aged 1 year.  She is buried at Witton Cemetery in Birmingham.

Edwin Boleyne

Edwin Boleyne, son of William John Boleyne and Eliza Andrew, died when he was aged 2 years old in Aston in Birmingham.

Esther Lucas (nee Haywood) was William John Boleyne’s SECOND WIFE.

William John Boleyne had remarried by the time the 1891 Census was taken.  His second wife was Esther and their daughter Jessie was under 1 month of age were in the Workhouse Infirmary.  William's Census listing reads as follows 

1891 Census:

Living at Upper Highgate Street, 2 Back of 99, Deritend, Aston, Birmingham

William Bohyne - Head - Married - 50 - Born in Sheffield - Zinc Worker

Emma Bohyne - Daughter - 18 - Born in Birmingham - Chocolate Coverer

Annie Bohyne - Daughter - 16 - Born in Birmingham - Chocolate Coverer

Willie Bohyne - Son - 14 - Born in Birmingham - Zinc Worker

Elizabeth Bohyne - Daughter - 7 - Born in Birmingham

James Bohyne - Son - 2 - Born in Birmingham

Esther was in hospital at the time of the 1891 census with her baby daughter Jessie – listed as follows:

Living at The District Workhouse Infirmary in Birmingham.  Patient 10 – Esther Boleyne.  Mar.  41.  Born in Birmingham.  Occ: Pearl Button Maker. 

Patient 6: Jessie Boleyne.  Under 1 month.  Born in Birmingham.

By the time of the 1901 Census Esther is a Widow.  Listed as follows:

1901 Census:  Living at No 4 Nursery Grove, Nursery Road, Aston Manor, Warwickshire.

Mrs Boleyn – Widow – Head – Age 51 – Born in Birmingham.  Occupation:  Washer Woman.

Lizzie Boleyn – Dau – Age 17 – Born in Birmingham – Jeweller

Jessie Boleyn – Dau – Age 10 – Born in Birmingham

James Boleyn – Sonm- Age 12 – Born in Birmingham – Farmers Boy – Agr Labourer.

Children of William Boleyne and his second wife:-

James Boleyne

James emigrated to the United States in 1923.  He is listed with his wife and young son on the 1930 US Census.  Listed as follows:

1930 US Census Living at Erskine Street, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

James Boleyne Head.  House rented value of house $3,500.  Married.  White.  Age 41.  Married at age 32 years.  Can read and write.  Born in England.  Emigrated in 1923.  Occupation:  Hotel Porter.

Gertrude Boleyn – wife – married – white.  Age 26.  Married at age 19.  Can read and write.  Born in Canada.  Eddigrated in 1923.  Occupation:  Nurse.

James Boleyne – son – White – Age 5 – Can read and write.  Born in Rhode Island.

Jessie Boleyne

Jessie, the youngest of Esther and William John Boleyne’s children set sail for Boston.  Listed below:

List of Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States aboard the Samaria Passengers sailing from Liverpool on the 2 September 1930.  Passenger No 5 Jessie Boleyne – 39 – Female – Single.  Occupation:  Button Maker.  Can read English and write. 

Nationality: English.  Place of Birth: Birmingham.  Passport Number NQIV 10686 Issued in London on the 2 July 1930.  Last permanent residence: Birmingham.  The reason she chose Bostin in Massachusetts is because her elder brother James had already made a home there.

James Boleyne (born 1924) – SON Of James Boleyn and Gertrude Boley

James was the son of James Boleyne and Gertude.  He was born in Rhode Island.  James enlisted in the US Army in 1944.  Listd as follows:

Name:  James A Boleyne

Birth Year: 1924

Race:  White, Citizen

Native State:  Rhode Island

State:  Rhode Island

Enlistment Date: 4 December 1944

Enlistment State:  Michigan

Enlistment City:  Detroit

Branch:  No Branch Assignment

Branch Code; No Branch Assignment

Grade:  Private

Grade Code: Private

Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the war or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law.

Component:  Army of the United States – includes the following:  Voluntary enlistments effective December 8 1941 and thereafter; one year enlistment of National Guardsman whose state enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the army of.

Source: Civil Life

Education: 3 Years of High School

Civil Occupation:  Machinists Helper

Marital Status:  Single without dependents


John Ceasar Boleyne and Sarah Jane Benson

John Caesar Boleyne aged 20 and Sarah Jane Benson aged 18 married at St Paul’s Church, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, on 10 June 1878.  Father’s Names:  William Boleyne and James Benson.  John Ceasar signed with this mark (X) and Sarah Jane, wrote her own signature.

John Ceasar Boleyne and Sarah Jane Benson appear on the 1881 Census as follows:

1881 Census – Living at 40 Vaughn Street in Aston, Warwickshrie:

John Boleyne – Head – 22 – Born in Sheffield – Zinc Worker

Sarah Boleyne – Wife – 20 – Born in Birmingham

John Boleyne – Son 1- Born in Birmingham

Sarah Weaver - Lodger – 30 – Born in Birmingham – Char Woman

Sara A Webb – Lodger – 26 – Born in Birmingham – Washer Woman

They also appear on the 1891 Census as follows:-

1891 Census – Living at No 42 Parkstead, Aston, Birmingham

John C Baleyne – Head – 32 – Born in Sheffield – Zinc Worker

Sarah Baleyne – Wife – 30 – Born in Birmingham

John Baleyne – Son – 11 – Born in Birmingham – Scholar

James Baleyne – Son 8 – Born in Birmingham – Scholar

Florence Baleyne – Daughter – 7 – Born in Birmingham – Scholar

Arthur Baleyne – Son 4 – Born in Birmingham

Details of Children:

Jack Boleyn

Jack was the eldest son of John Caesar.  He married Florrie and they had two children Winnie and Elsie who married two brothers called Seedhouse

Arthur Boleyne

Arthur Boleyne was born in 1889 in Birmingham - son of John Caesar Boleyne and Sara Jane Benson.  He died age 13 on 17 July 1900 at 4 Back 262 Farm Street in St George's in Birmingham.  His Mother, Sarah, was present at his death.  Arthur died of peritonitis which lasted 4 days.

Arthur's Father, John Caesar, was a journeyman zinc worker.

Florance Boleyne

Florance Boleyn married Bill Harman.  She died in 1940 at Nelson Road, Birmingham.  Forance and Bill had one daughter, Maud, who married Charlie Lanchester (Maud and Charlie had a son but he died at birth)

Ernest Boleyn

Ernest was the youngest son born 1892.    He was a painter for a building company in 1911 living with his parents.  Ernest Boleyn married Edith Stockwell and they had one daughter Florence Ann Boleyn (known as Ann) born 13.11.1914.  Lance-Corporal Ernest Boleyn died in 1914 whilst with 9th Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers.  Killed in action.  His home was 105 Grafton Road, Aston.  In a letter to his widow dated 4 November 1914 , Capt F.W. Jones wrote:  “It is with very much regret that I write to inform you that your husband must now be reported killed after having been first of all notified missing.  His body was found and buried beside his comrades and the enclosed papers which I send you were found in his pocket.  I can assure you that you have the deepest sympathy of all his comrades and myself in  your great trouble.  L’Cpl Boleyn was a most excellent man and a great favourite with all.  Again assuring you of my sympathy”.

Ann who is 101 (April 2016) lives in Birmingham, Hagley Road, and also had a cottage in Wales.

James Frederick Boleyn and Gertrude Smith

James Frederick Boleyn was born on 11 February 1882 in Deritend, Birmingham.  He was a zinc worker; plumber and a steeplejack.  He married Gertrude Smith (his second wife) in 1920.  They had three children:

Edwin John Boleyn - Born 25.11.1927

Betty Doreen Boleyn - Born 16 February 1933

and a daughter Ann who died at birth

James Frederick died on 24 April 1937 at 40 Vaughn Street, Aston and is buried at Witton Cemetery.

His first wife, Flossie Harding, died aged 33 of consumption.  They had four children:

James Frederick Boleyn (known as Jim) - Born 9 Sept 1905 - Died December 1987 aged 81 - Married to Eileen - they had two daughters Monica (who married Alan Reed) and Ann (who married Billy Dunne and second husband Mick Davies)

Alice - born 1909 - she died aged 17 (she had 6 toes)

Annie - Born 1901

Rose - Born 1890

James Frederick Boleyn at the time he was married to Flossie was a drunk and a woman beater!  He spent all his money on drink and Flossie when needing to dry the babies nappies used to tie them around her body to dry them – hence the reason she died of consumption at the age of 33.  Apparently James changed totally when he married his second wife, Gertrude.

Betty Boleyn, daughter of James Frederick and Gertrude Smith, married Gordon Maurice Latham, a carpenter, and they had two sons, Steven Paul (who married Jeanette) and Martin (who married Sharon),  Betty died 15.12.2009 – cause of death Bile Duct Carcinoma.   “One of the Bravest Little Women In the World” as stated on her Memorial Sheet.  Her husband, Gordon, died leaving her to raise two young boys on her own.

Edwin John Boleyn and Edith Bloor (my parents)

Edwin John Boleyn (Known as Ted) was born on 25 November 1927.  He was married to Edith Boleyn (nee Bloor) and they had six children:  Lynn, Carol, Mandy, John, Michael and David.  Ted died on 18 June 1998 age 70 after an 18 month battle with lung cancer.

After leaving the army Ted became a tanker driver for John Hudsons (Gulf Oil) in West Bromwich (previously he was a long distance lorry driver (Antler Suitcases) and also a coach driver for Whittles Coaches).

He was a keen fisherman and founded various Fishing Clubs including Ashwood in Wordsley; Goldthorn Social in Wolverhampton and also at Peal Lake Caravan Site in Shobdon, Herefordshire where he and his wife had a holiday caravan.  He was also Secretary of the BAA (Birmingham Anglers Association) and his Half-Brother, Jim Boleyn, was President.

Addresses they lived at were:

52 George Street, Kidderminster (where Lynn, Carol and Mandy were born)

63 Westminster Road, Wordsley (where John and Michael were born)


36 Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton (where David was born).  Sold in April 2016 for £148,000 following the death of Edith in December 2014.  The family had lived there for 48 years.

Ted and Edith’s children were:

Lynn Edwina (me!) – born 21 September 1957 – had a son Benjamin Edwin Boleyn – born 20 January 1996 (his Father was Roger Newell – date of birth 21.10.1944 – died April 2010).   Lynn worked for HSBC Bank for 23 years and took voluntary redundancy when her son was 3 years old.  After leading the very successful campaign to save her son’s primary school, Maidensbridge Primary School,  from closure in 2005-6 she was elected as Elected Ward Councillor for Kingswinford North and Wall Heath in 2006 (Liberal Democrat Councillor) – see:

In May 2012 she was re-elected as an elected Ward Councillor for Kingswinford North & Wall Heath (Labour Councillor).

Lynn was awarded the MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours List June 2015 and this was presented to her by Prince Charles on 18 December 2015 for services to the community of Wall Heath.

Carol Ann – Married Paul Perry.  No children.

Mandy – Married Simon Buggins.  They had one daughter, Sarah Louise Buggins born 8.9.91.    Mandy died on 27 June 2009 following a long battle with cancer.

John Leonard – first wife was Debbie.  Second wife was Janey Partington – they had one daughter, Christina born 11.1.1994. 

Michael James – married Sue Owen – they had three children – Jonathan born 6.10.1987, Samantha born 16.10.1992 and Toni Paige born 17.1.2002. 

David – first wife was Tammy Franks – second wife was Sally Price – they had two daughters, Erin – born 21 April 2006 and Lilly born 12.4.2010


O Rhesus Negative Blood Group

It was stated that Anne Boleyn’s blood group was 0 Negative hence the reason she only had one live child (Elizabeth I).  My blood group is O Neg; my sister Mandy is O Negative and our Father, Ted, was also O Negative.  Apparently it is quite a rare blood group (only 7% of people in UK are O Neg).  I do not know the blood groups of other members of our family.