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About the study

The Bodimeade one-name study aims to collect information to reconstruct the genealogy and some of the family history of bearers of the surname Bodimeade through the ages.

Variant names

Today three spellings of the name are found. In September 2003 as well as Bodimeade (223 people) the other variants in Britain were Bodimead (18 people) and Bodemeaid (18 people). However, the spelling has varied widely in the past and I include references to:

Bodiemead Bodimade Bodimaid Bodimede Bodmead Bodmeaid Bodymead Bodymeade Bodymed Bodymede Boddemeade Boddimead Boddimede Boddymead Boddymeade Boddymeaid Bodemead Bodemeade Bodemeaide Bodemede Bodemiede

In the late 16th to early 18th centuries it was not uncommon for people who wrote their own name as Bodimeade, Bodymead or Bodimead to appear in church and manorial records as Bodyman or Bodiment.

Name origin

Bodimeade is almost certainly a locative surname, deriving from Anglo-Saxon Boda (a forename meaning 'messenger') and mæd ('meadow'). The place that our ancestors took this name from is unknown. Although all present day Bodimeades trace their ancestors to Harrow in Middlesex, and 17th to 18th century references are concentrated in Harrow and just to the north in Watford in Hertfordshire, the few medieval references currently known are concentrated north-east of modern Milton Keynes on the Buckinghamshire-Bedfordshire border.