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About the study

The object of this study is to complete the Blennerhassett pedigree world-wide, connecting all branches of the family and recording a history of individuals.

The extended family through female lines of descent, i.e. Blennerhassett descendants carrying other surnames, are included whenever such information comes to hand, but these are not systematically researched.

Variant names

Variants of the Blennerhassett name are:

Blennerhasset, Blenner-Hassett, Blener-Hasset, Blennarhassett, Bleverhasset, Bleverhayset, Blennerhayset, Blenerhayset, 'de Blenerhayset' and, for brevity, sometimes Hassett or Hasset...

Pronouncation has been Blen'hayset, Blen'hassett, Blen'rassett or simply 'Rassett.

Name origin

The origin of what is now essentially an Irish surname may be found at the manor and village of Blenerhayset (now Blennerhasset, with single 't') in the northern English county of Cumberland, close to the border with lowland Scotland. Carrying no surname and owning no property, the family will no doubt have worked the land or otherwise served their Lord of the Manor. In the twelfth century one of them adopted or was given the name of his manor as a personal surname, he and his descendants being described as de Blenerhayset (i.e. of Blenerhayset).

Branches of the family settled at Co.Norfolk in England, also Co.Fermanagh and Co.Kerry in Ireland. At all periods these may occasionally be found using the name Hassett or Hasset, as a shortened form of their surname, but the majority of Hassett families have an entirely unrelated gaelic origin in Co.Clare & Co.Tipperary and it is not always easy to distinguish between the two.