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About the study

We try to find out where the Bertschinger name / families originated from in Switzerland, trace these original families since the 13th century and find out how it is spread today in Switzerland and whereto Bertschingers emmigrated, especially in the United Kingdom, France and United States until today.

Variant names

The registered variants of the name are Persinger, Barshinger, Bertschiker, Bertschicker.

Persinger and Barshinger have been used in the United States from a Bertschinger emmigrant which arrived in Philadelphia in 1735. In the US, there are many different ways of spelling the name (deviants).

Bertschiker / Bertschicker was used in the Swiss Fischenthal branch.

Name origin

The Bertschinger name is derived of the Alemanic / German first name Berchtold popular around 1250 in Southern Germany and German speaking Switzerland. First sources were in Latin: Berchtoldus dicitur Bertschi.

Historical occurrences of the name

The first genealogical evidence was provided at around 1280 in the little farmer village of Schwamendingen (North of Zurich) and separately in the rural and mountaineous Fischenthal valley in the Canton of Zurich (around 1350).

The name also developed separately in Southern Germany (Black Forest, Aldingen) around 1500.

From these three origins we have historically recorded more than 2,000 Bertschinger / Bertschiker / Barshinger / Persinger families in our genealogy.

Name frequency

see below

Distribution of the name

As of today (2012), there are less than 700 families with the name of Bertschinger living in Switzerland, whereof about 500 in the Canton of Zurich and 50 each in the Cantons of Aargau and Berne.


The data collections are in the form of genealogical family trees for the following branches:

Bertschinger of Schwamendingen and City of Zurich etc. (about 200 families)

Bertschinger of Zumikon etc. about 500 families

Bertschinger of Fischenthal etc. about 400 families

Bertschinger of Lenzburg etc. about 500 families


There is a DNA project on the Barshinger and Persinger variants in the USA also comparing to some Swiss Bertschinger.