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About the study

The surname Beeby in South Africa is almost certainly derived from entirely from one person; a Benjamin Beeby, born in about 1822 in 'Engeland'.  He arrived in South Africa aboard the 'Eclipse' in 1849, therefor finding where he originated should have been as simple as finding any Benjamin Beeby in the 1841 census that was not in the 1851 census.  Needless to say, it was not that easy.  The next step was to look for any Benjamin Beeby and see if he was the missing great great grandfather. Forty Benjamins later and beginning of a One Name Study, was born.


Variant names

Ostrich like, one tries to pretend that these do not apply, until one finds that one Bebe, whose offspring transmogrify into a Beeby, so the study expands once again.

Name origin

There is a village in Leicestershire called Beeby, so that's  where they came from.  

From what I have found, the only record of any Beeby in Beeby is to be found in the visitors book in the church.



I have a taken a DNA test, and the world's Beebys have not flocked to my door.  Yet another project to be started and done properly.